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  1. This was one of my favorite games as a kid. Played it for hours during the day, and night. Lost so many hours of sleep in middle school from this game, lol. Although it's not very detailed, it's to scale. At first I wanted to make it all as one room but then took a page from official maps and split the rooms apart. Original game map! And the browscreens~ Sorry there aren't many screenshots. There isn't much detail and I haven't mapped in a while so this is mostly just the essentials. Download Link only contains map files. Does not come with warp npc info.
  2. You need to add the map to your svn/db/map_cache.dat so the server knows the map exists and can calculate walkable area server-side. Also you need to edit these two files as well: Svn/db/map_index.txt Svn/conf/maps_athena.conf Weemapcache is a good user friendly program for adding maps to the server-side db
  3. Those lightmaps look really good for a first map. I personally like the little lamps by the benches as the light coming from them looks rather realistic. :3 As a personal opinion, indoor maps shouldn't apply towards the whole Ambient && Sun lightspheres as the shadows on models look awkward to me when there are lights from chandeliers and wall sconces that conflict with an outdoor Sun light, as shows from pillars. 8/10 -edit- Another tip, in official maps indoor walls are generally 20 clicks high. I think this has something to do with the client unable to render completely vertical walls that are a bit too high. But the high walls and the color scheme still look pleasing to me.
  4. Within the 'db/map_index.txt' make sure your map uses a valid index value and not one that's already in use by another map somewhere in the list. Also make sure 'conf/maps_athena.conf' is configured properly as well. map_index example: New_York 1250 London Tokyo maps_athena example: map: New_York map: London map: Tokyo Once these two are fixed be sure your map_cache.dat is rebuilt.
  5. SprNo refers to what image in the sprite the actor will display on the current frame, starting with Zero and counting up from left to right. Complete the editing by pressing the Enter key.
  6. Or go into Gat editing and make the brush large enough to cover the slope and press [spacebar] to set the gat to ground level.
  7. If you have a hex editor on hand, you could also check to see if this is in the Header of the grf file. If not then the grf is false. Master of Magic............... This Hex should match up as well. 4D6173746572206F66204D61676963000102030405060708090A0B0C0D0E
  8. I think if you want a slope like that, raise the starting square 20 clicks then make a step formation going down or upwards. Increase your detail terrain editing brush with [+] key. Cover the area to be sloped inside the red outlines and press [F] key The video even without sound is more detailed than text. So it's recommended looking in there.
  9. 586 may not have completely correct model placement though. One of my maps made in 620 shows the street lamps offset by half a square (one gat tile) if viewed in 586. I usually build in 620 since its more stable and then save the final map in 586 for the working quadtree (no black squares). That's the only reason I keep BE 586 lol..
  10. allinone_#.pal is affected by the "[Add] use shared palettes" patch applied to the client. Remove this patch to display clothing palettes normally.
  11. I'm thinking this goes in the Script Request section? Script commands can be found here or within your svn repository in svn/doc/script_commands.txt
  12. Also make sure your settings server-side are set appropriately in the /conf folder. After that make sure the stylist npc is set to handle the amount of hairstyles and dyes your server supports, don't want your stylist being able to support 250 hair/dyes when your grf only has 240 (example). I'm used to grf factory, those who I've worked with have tried getting me to use gryff and grf builder but I'm a little old school lol. It's personal preference I think when it comes to what grf program you unpack/pack with. But generally when you unpack, the files will be in korean and they must be in korean not ascii (¸Ó¸®0_¿©_ID) when you repack them. I hope this helps somewhat. /edit/ The hairstyles and dyes go in your client-side grf not the server one.
  13. Just what I needed, thanks. =D
  14. I've been away from the community and the mapping process for too long and something that I've never really needed nor had to learn how to use was copying a mass amount of models. How does one go about doing this? I have a map with models that I want from it, and a new blank map that I want to transfer them to. Is there a key sequence that I've overlooked? I hope this isn't simply copypasta one model at a time. :< Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Also something that I've been a little curious on but this hasn't really been a hindrance to me.. Has anyone figured out how to scale a texture like gravity does? Such as, if you go inside Prontera houses, the rugs in front of doors are a different size than from the sizes allowed texture picker in browedit (square or rectangles made by perfect squares; only). I don't know if it's possible to completely mimic the way gravity does this but if not then it's not completely relevant, if it's not currently possible with what we have.
  15. Save your map in version 586 to bypass this bug. Also in v586 generate a quadtree before saving from the edit? Menu for added stability. Happy mapping :3