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  1. @Emistry Thanks for your answer . I already attached player to script. paramk,112,84,0 script set 2_BULLETIN_BOARD,{ mes "playerattached - " + playerattached(); mes "getattachedrid - " + getattachedrid(); getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],BL_PC); getfreecell([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],10,10,2); mes "Return value not random - "[email protected]; end; } Got Error: [Debug]: map_search_freecell: Incorrect usage! When src is NULL, flag has to be &1 and can't have &2 I want to find a cell that charactor able to walk to the target. (*checkcell won't work in my case)
  2. --------------------------------------- *getfreecell "<map name>",<rX>,<rY>{,<x>,<y>,<rangeX>,<rangeY>,<flag>}; Finds a free cell on the given map and stores the reference to the found cell in <rX> and <rY>. Passing <x> and <y> with <rangeX> and <rangeY> allows for searching within a specified area on the given map. The <flag> is a bitmask and has the following possible values: - 1 = Random cell on the map or from <x>,<y> range. (default) - 2 = The target should be able to walk to the target tile. - 4 = There shouldn't be any players around the target tile (use the no_spawn_on_player setting). --------------------------- My Script: getfreecell([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],10,10,2); Got Error: map_search_freecell: Incorrect usage! When src is NULL, flag has to be &1 and can't have &2 Thanks in advance.
  3. // Auction (Note 1) // Feature became unstable on clients 2012 onwards (exact date not known), // it has been fixed on clients 2013-05-15 onwards however. // Feature was removed again on clients 2014-11-12 and later. feature.auction: on Any why to get this system back on clients 2015-05-13 and later.?
  4. setrandomoption(2,4,RDMOPT_VAR_MAXHPPERCENT,10,0); //give +10% maxhp
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