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  1. Hi Legends , May I ask for a script, title is written on top 1. The old player will Input the new players Ingame name ... 2. The NPC will read the IP Address of Old player and the New player that the/she referred to play on server 3. The old player will recieve REFERRAL BONUS ITEM if the new player that he or she invited is still active by that day ...... Sorry for my bad english Hope youll help me THANKS A LOT
  2. Hi good day guys ..Im having an issue right now on my map .. everytime I zoom in my map is getting shadows like in DOTA ..and every time im walking the place behind me turns into shadow ..but in other maps like prontera etc are not having this kind of problem .. how to fix this on browedit ?...sorry for my bad english ..hope you can help me ...
  3. Hi,can I request for a script that will increase droprate of monsters in a certain map if you are hunting with them .. For example is in my goldroom ...my gold droprate is 30% chance ..if im joining a party this chance will increase ...if it is possible like 2-man party adds +5% .3-man adds 10% so on ....please help
  4. Hi! first of all I would like to explain how this NPC works We have a PRIVILEGE System on our server ..Depending on what Privilege Ticket you bought.I would like to REquest a ZENY ROOM that : 1. Allows player to enter the zeny room ONCE DAILY depending on his/her Privilege level .. (Bronze is 30minutes,Silver is 1 hour and gold is 2hours) 2. After a certain time limit ..zeny room will automatically kick the player outside and prohibits the player to enter again witihin 24hrs or maybe 12hrs will do .. 3. IN CASE : the player disconnects the timer stops ticking and when he or she relogs in, he or she can resume his/her farming ... THANKYOU FOR YOUR HELP GUYS ! sorry for my bad english
  5. you mean in this situation sir @iamhyd
  6. thanks a lot sir @Cyro ..one last question ,..how to fix this error ? /?module=news&action=view ... i got that on my home page ..thankyou
  7. Hi guys I need help , how to fix this
  8. Hi ,is it only Cashpoint use to buy in cash shop ? can I change it to PODS ???? thanks
  9. may i know what file is it ? all file names are in unknown alphabets ..thanks
  10. Hi guys .. May I ask how can I change my Falcon in Sniper and Hunter to White Owl ..I saw a server that has that Owl ... please help and where can I get files for that ,..thanks
  11. Hi sir @Skorm can you teach me how to make it in random Cell drops ??? coz its just like @dropall command .. or any one can help me ,thanks
  12. thanks a lot sir @GodKnows Jhomz !! it worked
  13. Hi guys ..specially to sir @Syouji .. Ive edited my payon town now ..heres what happend .. on the main area which is the middle part i removed some houses there ,,and changed the RED gat to GREEN one to enable walking thought it ... but the problema was ... when im done editing and insert it to my GRF .. the Area of Unwalkable are still Unwalkable ... heres a photo of my map, the yellow box area are the area that is originally unwalkable ..and i changed it to walkable ... but still cannot walk throughht it ...sorry for my badenglish ..thanks in advance
  14. I'm sorry guys .I think i posted it on a wrong section ..I dont know where to post this question tho ...Yesterday Id start using Rathena Test server ..Im just wndering where is this Prontera map located on my grf ?? hmm ...TIA
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