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  1. Hello rAthena. I am trying to make it so a skill can do pseudo Critical Damage. Was able to figure out how to make it so the skill damage will go higher based on the Critical Damage modifier, but can't find out the Critical chance variable. This is the script so far: if(rnd()%100 <= sstatus->cri) skillratio += skillratio * sd->bonus.crit_atk_rate/100;
  2. Hi rAthena. Does anyone know where i can relate to use Script Bonuses, such as Critical Rate, to be readen on Source files such as Battle.cpp? Edit: Nevermind, delete pls.
  3. How can i use 2 different import files? I.E: Try to find the item into ItemInfoA.lua, if not found, look for it into ItemInfo2.lua, if also not, then use kro_iteminfo.lua.
  4. Hello rAthena! I have been searching for this for an hour now, and couldnt find out what i am missing. I have increased the Skill Level of Enchant Blade from 5 to 10 on Skill_db, Skill_tree_db, and skillinfolist. It will let me raise the level, but won't save when i press Ok to confirm leveling the skill. Thanks in advance ! Edit: Nevermind, i forgot to edit the skill for all classes on Skill_Tree_db
  5. They were set within the OnInit ! Though it's not working, as Emistry said.
  6. Não, porque são variáveis permanentes presas no personagem, que ficam salvas no seu SQL. Prefix: scope and extent nothing - A permanent variable attached to the character, the default variable type. They are stored by char-server in the `char_reg_num` and `char_reg_str`.
  7. prontera,150,150,3 script NomeNPC 909,{ if (falou!=0){ end; } set falou,1; end; } Variáveis sem prefixo ficam salvas no char-server, linkado ao personagem.
  8. I think you can make them stop working with source edit somehow. Try relating to this:
  9. - script MvPKill ,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if( getmonsterinfo( killedrid,MOB_MVPEXP ) ){ set .Dice,rand(1,10000){ // 1 = 0,01% if(.Dice <= .Chance){ getitem2 .PossibleItems[.RandItem],1,rand(.MinEnchant,.MaxEnchant),0,.RandEnchant1,.RandEnchant2,.RandEnchant3,.RandEnchant4; } } } end; OnInit: set .Chance,2; // Set the drop chance here setarray .PossibleItems[0], ;//<- Put your items IDs here. I.E: .PossibleItems[0],123,124,125; setarray .PossibleEnchants[0], ;//<- Put your enchants IDs here set .MinEnchant,0; // Minimum possible enchant set .MaxEnchant,20; // Max Possible enchant set .RandItem,rand(.SizeItem); set .RandEnchant1,rand(.SizeEnchants); set .RandEnchant2,rand(.SizeEnchants); set .RandEnchant3,rand(.SizeEnchants); set .RandEnchant4,rand(.SizeEnchants); set .SizeItem,getarraysize(.PossibleItems); set .SizeEnchants,getarraysize(.PossibleEnchants); end; } Haven't tested it tho, so let me know if anything goes wrong Have in mind it will get you an item with enchants on the 4 slots.
  10. Set your .event_sleep to 55000, so you will have 5 seconds left for the count down. Then just change the code i gave you before to this: for(.i==5;.i>=1;.i--){ announce "[World Boss] A World Boss will appear in " +.i+ " seconds! ", bc_all, 0xFF0000; sleep 1000; } I actually made a mistake on the first code, was useing [email protected] instead .i on the announce, but should be fine now
  11. Was gonna ask for the same thing So if i have bat_a01.gnd already cached, and i want to duplicate it, all i have to do is edit the resnametable? Wish i knew it before doing all the duplicating i had to do with my maps xD
  12. By what i read, this line already will work as a waiting time before your event will start: // Announce event will start soon announce "[World Boss] A rift on time and space is about to be opened! A World Boss will appear in " + (.event_sleep / 60000) + " minute! Prepare your Team!", bc_all, 0xFF0000; // Sleep until X time have passed and then continue script sleep .event_sleep;  So if you want it to count from like 5 to 0 seconds before it starts, try adding this after the "sleep .event_sleep;" line: for(.i==5;.i>=1;.i--){ announce "[World Boss] A World Boss will appear in " [email protected]+ " seconds! ", bc_all, 0xFF0000; sleep 1000; } Hope it works
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