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Files posted by Olrox

  1. Free

    Granny Converter by Ricky92

    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/OlroxMaps
    Since the original link is down, I'll upload this file in rA downloads to ensure its availability.
    Granny Converter made by @ricky92 and thanks also by the contribution of some members on this project in rathena; is a tool used to convert the new granny format available for 3ds max into the Ragnarok Granny version ( making the posibility of using animated 3D boned models in Ragnarok Online as mobs or npc.
    You can find a guide of how to import a ragnarok 3d in the video.



  2. Free

    HighPriest_081105 - Client + PDB

    We are familiar of a Ragnarok Client HighPriest_081105 and its corresponding PDB file.
    This resource is invaluable for understanding the Ragnarok Client and was used on projects involved in diffing or original RO client development.
    I've been asked if I had a link for it by many potential developers so I thought it was very important to share and keep it live on rAthena.



  3. Free

    RSW/GND/RSM To FBX Converter by Xarple

    This tool could convert RSW, RSM, GND to Autodesk FBX format, therefore you can import this FBX to 3ds Max or Maya.
    Animation Support Model Smoothing Groups Ground Smoothing Modify res.txt with  your grf data files to make it run. Video tutorial on description.
    Credits to Xarple



  4. Free

    Ragnarok II- Kawaii Monsters

    Pack of 4 custom 3D monsters in granny gr2 format to use as: mobs, mvps or even npcs. Each monster includes walking, attacking, dead and stand animation.



  5. Free

    Final Destination

    This map is my first one of a new concept I tried by an Idea I had with a RO map long ago. I call this a Panoramic Map and I think you will notice it right away. I added space on this map, but by some camera angles edit and there, and doing some work with textures... I could add the effect of a far distance space area, that I hope you will enjoy.
    I recommend this map to be used only for small same matches of 1 vs 1, or 5 vs 5. Use it on your server for pvp tournaments, as a final stage. Or use it for a small GvG team tournament 2 teams of 5 or 7 users per each. Don't waste this map for a common pvp arena, be smart with your server and add it as a plus as a final stage of a tournament for example.



  6. Free

    Prontera Seasons - Pack of 4 Prontera Editions

    Prontera Seasons by Olrox is a must in every RO server in the world. summer, spring, fall and winter are ready for your players.
    This file was the most downloaded in rAthena for years, until by a sudden it got lost. I´m uploading this file back by request of my followers.
    Rounded center model fixed and textures remapped Fixed shadows Trees were fixed  



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