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  1. Gracias @Mael Thanks Working fine!
  2. Im missing then the bound type... would be getitembound 19596,1,1 then? (ID,amount,Boundtype)
  3. Thanks Mahubay, you're a boss dude
  4. Hi all, i was looking for a Welcome pack script with a itembound (getitembound) i was trying somes but i get errors so... Want a Welcome Pack NPC one per IP with itembound Thanks!
  5. There is the Fix, Thanks https://github.com/rathena/rathena/commit/c0de25a9abe8ef436e8aef0d00ed62e838262aff
  6. I'm going to do it, if i got any solve or commit gonna post it here ooh.. you already post on git, thanks
  7. There is an issue in the last git of rAthena look at my post, same problem with the mobs. https://rathena.org/board/topic/116723-mobs-not-cached/
  8. So i supose the bug is from the last rAthena versions?...
  9. Hello guys I was testing a new server with the last Git of rAthena: f14885bc9b04f96d04c1d7d1ea9449628c5cfba5 and i noticed in some maps the mobs were duplicated, like a lot of mobs! can walk really, when i did a @reloadscript the mobs gonne, but in another maps sometimes mobs not appear! So i was looking in my console each reloadscript and the Mobs cached always get down and i'll give you some SS to be more explain The Start: After each reload the "mobs not cached" were increased 75 -> 476 -> 1321 -> 1945 -> to reach 49877 Mobs not cached !!! a lot of realods Finaly i get 49877 mobs not cached Is this a Bug from the new git of rAthena? Can someone help me in this... Thanks
  10. Emistry are you selling instances? PM me

  11. Pudiste fixear tus bugs? de ser así podrías compartirla
  12. anybody with rAthena has the same aspd style?
  13. Yes, I know But there is some people showing me photos about my server ASPD and another renewal server ASPD (renewal and rAthena too) so i start wondering myself
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