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  1. View File Chiaki Thor Patcher Skin 1 My first thor patcher skin, and I share to all rAthena member FREE! Included : - config file - PSD file No need credits, when you use my skin, I'm already happy! Submitter Chiaki Submitted 10/26/2013 Category Patcher Skins Content Author  
  2. Normal drop items 10x Mvp drop items 5x Normal Drop Card 5000x (50%) MVP drop cards 100x (1%) drops.conf
  3. go to conf/battle folder, find drops.conf file, and edit it. its easy
  4. what's your char's job? maybe its about the class, try change "7" in equip_upper into "63"
  5. have u patched your 2013 client with 5000+ view ID?
  6. can u post your custom item from your item_db?
  7. ya, I got this problem too, someone help us please!!!
  8. 1 = Normal2 = Reborn/Trans. Classes (High Wizards, Champions etc.) (excl. Trans-3rd classes)4 = Baby Classes (excl. 3rd Baby Classes)8 = 3rd Classes (excl. Trans-3rd classes and 3rd Baby classes)16 = Trans-3rd Classes32 = Baby 3rd Classes change 7 (number after the job) into 8 or 63 for all classes like this 18747,Eyes_Of_Ifrit,Eyes_Of_Ifrit,5,5000,,100,,0,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,8,2,512,,0,0,1004,{ bonus bMaxHPrate,5; bonus bMaxSPrate,5; bonus ID,DBName,ScreenName,Type,Price,Sell,Weight,ATK,DEF,Range,Slot,Job,Class,Gender,Loc,wLV,eLV,Refineable,View,{Script},{OnEquip_Script},{OnUnequip_Script}
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