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  1. just add 64 bit support, in the issue that you share the script_get_constant function, pass from an int value to int64 search int jobid = 0; remplace to int64 jobid = 0; and enjoy.!
  2. se puede solucionar añadiendo la funcion pcblock por separado, con eso podrias arreglar la problematica la momento de salir o morir dentro de esos BG
  3. perform your fix, but the silhouette that there is an NPC is still appearing as can be seen in the photo, it is worth mentioning that it is mandatory to make an attach to the npc so that it can be started and I think that what is sought is that It can be started without anyone having to click it and in your case there is no trace of clicking as if it were an npc, since it can be annoying in the case of being invoked in several simultaneous areas. [Error]: buildin_areaeffect: fatal error! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: areaeffect (3 parameters):
  4. It happened to me when making a save in an MVP respawn map having the SC_BOSSMAPINFO activated, I only eliminated the SC to the stuck character I did not have to remove the lines since, that would make the convex mirror malfunction, I do not know how it happened I tried to replicate it but not achieve the same error. +1
  5. But they need to interact with the npc to make it mandatory erasequest with the character which setquest took, there is a way to reset the time without having to go talk to the npc in this case as indicated previously being offline, a delete query would have to be applied for the corresponding line in the quest table which belongs to that instance and that char_id
  6. To be able to reset an instance, you have to go talk to the npc so that it applies erasequest xxxx; The condition only applies if you are using the same char with which you entered the instance since, erasequest only delete the char_id in the "quest" table, in which case I need to delete the ID instance without having to enter with the same character as it would apply, I understand in the previous comment a query would have to be applied. Anyone help?
  7. Hello I would like to see if anyone knows, like adding the EXE in my case a RagexeRE 2010-07-30 TGA new content to add new icons states, I understand that it is a tool that was eAthena forum, but the forum died, if someone gives me some help I would appreciate it. The part I SRC and the Customer, the problem is hexed in the exe, not as add new TGA try inserting new line to the bottom and copying and pasting, but did not solve the problem. In doing so the exe is not corrupted, but does not work: s Attached is a picture of a 2010-07-30 exe not own course, which has the TGA
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