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  1. E por que você não diminui o tamanho do ID no MySQL? Se está com 9 dígitos, tipo 200000000, rode um comando SQL pra diminuir o tamanho: UPDATE `login` SET `account_id` = (`account_id` - 198000000); Desse jeito que postei, um ID de 200000029 (9 dígitos), vai se transformar em 2000029 (7 dígitos). Não esquece de criar uma conta depois (setando um ID maior do que a última conta no campo account_id) pra atualizar o valor atual do AUTO_INCREMENT. Não esquece também de voltar o ID da conta do s1/p1 pra 1.
  2. E por que seu DB tem contas com 9 dígitos, se o normal é 7? :v
  3. I'm using item_db with SQL and this error is happening: How can I solve this, if SQL doesn't have a "line"? I already checked the item id 5121, 5135 and 5137, there's no error with it. @edit Solved with the Phpmyadmin tool "show registry starting by... <line number>": You can close, thanks.
  4. I downloaded the rAthena now from the Git Hub and I started to search about the MvP Tomb diff, and when I went to apply it, I discovered this line on battle.h: int mvp_tomb_enabled; Is it MvP Tomb already available and functional? How can I edit this, for example, make a custom boss to spawn the tomb, and how to disable the time. If not, someone can give me the updated diff to add it?
  5. Is it worth to open a new Ragnarok Server, or the game is used only for studies purposes now? And what do you guys think about opening a new server? What kind of server you would play?
  6. Hey, how to add the instances so that player will know, how many hours,minutes and secs left. mes "Due to the instance aftereffects, you cannot enter the dungeon right now," + [email protected]_h + "hours " + [email protected]_m + "minutes " + [email protected]_s + "seconds left to enter the next dungeon.

  7. This mapflag doesn't affect the original mob drops, they will drop the original drops setted on mob_db AND the drops setted at the mapflag.
  8. That's why I put it working only with "attackmobevent" mapflag.
  9. Nope, this way I have to do other mod. Wait my edit here. @Edit: Try this. Sintax: @guildinfo Return your guild infos. @guildinfo <Guild Name> Return the <Guild Name> infos. guildinfo.patch
  10. Try 2011-06-14b, it's the best one and it's easy to find a compatible data and lua files.
  11. Check the mapflag "nosave" there. If it is setted, unset this.
  12. I think you should try another hexed, if occurs the same problem, we know that is not your hexed.
  13. - Try to use "langtype 6" for your clientinfo.xml; - Open your db/packet_db.txt and set the packet_ver to "default"; - Diff your client with "read data folder first"; - Make sure you're using proper lua files; - Use the default IP for your char_athena.conf and map_athena.conf.
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