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  1. Oh dannng! This is awesome, ToZorMan!
  2. Those guilds should have more than 15 guild members.
  3. Hello rA. I know this isn't 3Ceam Support but it looks like their Forums is dead. My current 3Ceam Revision is the latest one: 734 The problem that I am currently having is whenever I try to change characters it would always say 'Failed to connect to server.' I can log into the game just fine, but once I'm in and I press 'Character Select' it would say, 'Failed to connect to server.' Does anybody know why this is happening? Edit : Nvm. Just going to change Emulators to rA.
  4. Yup, it'll stack because the set command is adding more time to the 'Premium' variable.
  5. Woaaah. Clearly forgot all about that, haha. Been too busy forgot a bit of scripting knowledge. :[
  6. Put the character into a state where they can't use any of their skills, like berserk or something.
  7. 1. In login_athena.conf change yes to no // Can you use _M/_F to make new accounts on the server? new_account: yes no 3. In char_athena.conf change these accordingly. // Start point, Map name followed by coordinates (x,y) start_point: new_1-1,53,111 // Starting weapon for new characters start_weapon: 1201 // Starting armor for new characters start_armor: 2301 // Starting zeny for new characters start_zeny: 0
  8. Nipsino


    Me neither, LOL. Had to google it in order to know what the OP was talking about.
  9. That's unless he sends it as a Gift, huehue.
  10. Nipsino


    I'm pretty sure, rAthena. Doesn't have tapatalk on the forum activated.
  11. Hello, rAthena! I was wondering if anybody could help me with this problem that I'm having. Currently I'm trying to increase my Homuculus' Max Level to 750. My player's levels are capped at 255. I'm using r17015. This is what I changed. Player's Max Level { "max_lv", &battle_config.max_lv, 255, 0, MAX_LEVEL, }, Homuculus' Max Level { "homunculus_max_level", &battle_config.hom_max_level, 750, 0, MAX_LEVEL, }, { "homunculus_S_max_level", &battle_config.hom_S_max_level, 750, 0, MAX_LEVEL, }, I've added in the required exp stats in pre-re/homuculus_exp.txt This is the error that I'm receiving whenever I start up my server. Solved! I've edit the MAX_LEVEL in src/map/map.h.
  12. Those look very amazing! It'd be very great for the Pokemon themed server, haha. :3 *hint* *hint* *nudge* *nudge*
  13. I've seen some people use
  14. What do you mean? If it says storage failed whenever you use an item try this. Then in the item use callfunc "storage"; Edit: Forgot all about openstorage! LOL.