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  1. Hi Guys! I'm browsing for a long time now, without success, so i dare to ask it here. How could i change the crystallisation mark(effect) in ragnarok into any other? (the little snowflake above the players head, when he is crystalized). Can i replace it with any bmp file? if yes, what size? Thanks in advice!
  2. CP update solved me those problems @BeyondRO
  3. Sunset

    Technoken Services

    The best developer i have ever met, trustable, works precize, and always on contact. Last but not least his prizing is affordable and fair!
  4. Sunset

    Magic Type Skill (Lifesteal)

    if you are looking for suchs an item script, you can try the hunter fly card, just edit the only physical part to be applied on magic too.
  5. Sunset

    Sword Art Ragnarok Online

    drop me a pm. why not!
  6. Sunset

    How to Disable NPC Hidden Shadow

    Oh wow i didnt know that about the gm sprite, thanks!
  7. Sunset

    How to Disable NPC Hidden Shadow

    Actually i just made a GMT run with gm char, i didnt see any shadow holes
  8. Sunset

    Copy other private servers

    Hello! Idk the status of this, but if anything, then this could do that, what you are looking for.(aka stealing costumisations)
  9. Hello my dear community! I'm working on a lucky machince script, and its working "good". Also the way the people gets the item is working, but somehow, from the switch( rand(1,MAX)) not only one item will be selected, and i get more reward than one. May you check it, where is the deffect? i cant find it. I attach a screenshot about the reward. As you can see on the picture, i got 4 times the [email protected] reward, and im supposed to get it only once I've marked the questionable part of the script with yellow. Thanks in Advice a lot !
  10. Sunset

    How a server has lag problem ?

    may i ask, ragnahosting?
  11. Sunset

    Charlestone Episode

    I'm still intresting for those instances.
  12. Sunset

    @afk command

    tested, works. I think u need src edit to it, no matter what (?)
  13. Sunset

    Charlestone Episode

    Hello! I' didnt find any topic, forum, where i could post this, so i guess its place is in offtopic (?) I'm willing to buy the whole Charlestone episode scripts. /english/ PM me please with offers (I'm also intrested in infinite space, temple of demon god, bios/morse, fire basin entrance quest) Thank you!
  14. Sunset

    emistry's dynamic shop adding item

    Hello! Thanks for the answer ☺ the issue was in my script, but i have solved it already ☺