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  1. ohyono

    Personal char storage

    What an excellent idea I loved, thank you for sharing
  2. ohyono

    Problem with OnClock

    I'm not occurred that way, let me try
  3. ohyono

    Problem with OnClock

    I have a script that must erase all the data in a table exactly on Monday at 00:00, the problem is that every day at that time the data is deleted. I already tried it in several ways but I still have the same problem. - script GPtsRst -1,{ OnInit: if (gettime(4) == SUNDAY || gettime(4) == TUESDAY || gettime(4) == WEDNESDAY || gettime(4) == THURSDAY || gettime(4) == FRIDAY || gettime(4) == SATURDAY ) { end; } else if (gettime(4) == MONDAY) { OnClock0000: query_sql "UPDATE `guild_points` SET `total_points`=0"; query_sql "UPDATE `gid_points` SET `ind_pts`=0"; end; } } I would appreciate it if someone helped me to correct that problem or some idea of how to do it. Thank you
  4. ohyono

    Unique Variables on "set"

    Yes. This resolve all. Thx my script is now funcional -Van.
  5. ohyono

    Unique Variables on "set"

    Thanks for answering. Effectively your idea of changing the "set" to "setd" works very well, now the emulator saves the record correctly. By the way, the reason why I do not use "strnpcinfo (2)" is because I decided to place 3 npc with the same variable, since it will be the item id that will deliver as recompense those npc The problem is that I still have some problem like this: maybe it has to do with the rest of the script, more specifically with this part: if ("FL_"[email protected]$ <= 19){ mes .npcf $; mes "What do you want?"; mes "Do not bother me"; close; } I hope you can help me -Van
  6. ohyono

    Unique Variables on "set"

    Hello, how are you? I have a problem with a script. I want it to do is that each npc of its own variables in the SET, but until today I can not achieve it. the thing would be something like this: This is the variable that i want insert for each npc if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9412") { if (sidone == 9412) [email protected] = Ake1;} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9454") { if (sidone == 9454) setd "[email protected]$","Cleo1";} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9403") { if (sidone == 9403) setd "[email protected]$","Gil1";} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9424") { if (sidone == 9424) setd "[email protected]$","Hil1";} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9433") { if (sidone == 9433) setd "[email protected]$","Mar1";} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9463") { if (sidone == 9463) setd "[email protected]$","Ama1"; } else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9460") { if (sidone == 9460) setd "[email protected]$","Him1";} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9466") { if (sidone == 9466) setd "[email protected]$","Her1";} else if (strnpcinfo(2) == "9469") { if (sidone == 9469) setd "[email protected]$","Sel1";} This is the setting of a variable in a character @izlvar = [email protected]$; set [email protected],rand(1,80); for the duplicated npc. confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Akechi ****#9412 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Cleopatra ****#9454 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Gilgamesh ****#9403 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Hildegard ****#9424 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Marceline ****#9433 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Amadeus ****#9463 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Himiko ****#9460 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Hermes ****#9466 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC confesiones,29,27,5 duplicate(Conf_F#core) Selene ****#9469 HIDDEN_WARP_NPC The trouble is when I try to make the npc gave me of the SET I get this warning so far try it in several ways and this is the one that gives me the least mistakes, I wish they could help me. Thank you -Van
  7. Is very interesting, good luck with your project have all our support
  8. Here is a simlple pvp stadium map. I hope like you. -Van
  9. ohyono

    array problem

    Yes is working. Thank you Emistry
  10. ohyono

    array problem

    Hello rAthena, How are you. The reason why I write is because I have a problem with a script. In this part of the script from an array a menu is generated with only the items you have in inventory. for later delete the selected item. The problem is that I can't find how to make the selected item in the menu was deleted. Of course , if all the items in the array are present in the inventory , it works fine , but if any is missing the start , conditions are no longer the error occurs In this part of the script from an array a menu with only the items you have in inventory is generated Thank you , I hope you can help me , because I have a few days with this problem. -Van
  11. ohyono

    Sword Art Ragnarok Online

    The project is decent. The lack of information has something stuck me in terms of the dynamics of the floors. Recently I read Sword Art Online Progresive 1 and 2. That made me review the floors 1 to 3. Most of the dynamics, and mechanical skills are completed. In these days I have occupied Scripting the Mega Quest "Elven War" covering the 3 to 9 floors. And for now its all. -Van PS. If you have any ideas or information that I don't have, is welcome
  12. ohyono

    Sword Art Ragnarok Online

    yes, but i not comment more because there is no interest here -Van
  13. @Sage I listen and change the map again , what do you think now?
  14. Hello, It is a small project that I work these days. It's the greek acropolis. It says that are the god's house They are saying, how it is becoming? I have a trouble even when walking around the city, seem to have LAG, but only in some areas of the map , I hope they can be resolved soon.
  15. ohyono

    R > false suit for ALT 3rd Job

    I think it would be easier that way: 200000,Dress_Ticket,Dress Ticket,2,0,,100,,,,,0x00045500,63,2,,,100,,,{ setlook 13,1; },{},{}