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  1. Does the skill DB work like the item and monster DBs? I tried to update certain sections (duration) of skills but I get errors making me believe that skills are imported differently and it wants the entire skill.
  2. Edit: I cloned Cure as well and it is the same thing, I really hope this isn't something hard coded in the client but Cure is such a simple spell that it doesn't give me hope. I created a new skill that is effectively a clone of al_heal to replace the crusader version with their own dedicated heal. I copied basically everything and setup my source code and everything works except targeting on the client. I am using I believe a 6-20-2018 client and when I use the skill it wants to target enemies and I have to hold shift to target myself. Is there something I am missing or is some part of this hard-coded in the client? Here is the skill_db entry, I copied the heal one and have removed a few bits that won't be needed on this version. The end result will be a shield type effect instead of a heal but the targeting needs to be fixed before I can go any further. - Id: 859 Name: CR_HEAL Description: Protect MaxLevel: 10 Type: Magic TargetType: Support DamageFlags: NoDamage: true Range: 9 Hit: Single HitCount: 1 CastCancel: true AfterCastActDelay: 1000 Requires: SpCost: - Level: 1 Amount: 13 - Level: 2 Amount: 16 - Level: 3 Amount: 19 - Level: 4 Amount: 22 - Level: 5 Amount: 25 - Level: 6 Amount: 28 - Level: 7 Amount: 31 - Level: 8 Amount: 34 - Level: 9 Amount: 37 - Level: 10 Amount: 40 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. That actually was giving me the same issue I believe, but I switched to VS2015 and it works fine so in a roundabout way it's solved.
  4. Any ideas why this would happen? I believe this is why when I am referencing constants in my scripts they are turning up incorrect values. I tried setting a variable to EAJ_RUNE_KNIGHT and it should be 16641 but it it ends up like 43. I just started using Visual SStudio 2017 after upgrading my version of rathena to the latest and upgrading from VS2013 to VS2017. Do I just have to use VS2015?
  5. I haven't been able to figure out why but my costume wings stopped showing up one day. They DID work and they still show up when something like assumptio is cast on my character. But otherwise they aren't showing up. Anyone ever seen this or have any idea why this would happen? Below on the left is with assumptio, the right is without.
  6. I can't get this to work, here's a simple breakdown of my script: por_dun,172,285,3 script Herkemer 832,{ OnPoringDead: foreachinmap("Herkemer::L_CombatMES", "por_dun"); end; L_CombatMES: //showscript "In combat"; //dispbottom "test"; debugmes "testdbmBEGIN"; end; } I have put a few debug messages into the source and it looks like "npc_event_label_nd" and "npc_event_label_pos" always return "NULL"/"0" or "-1". I see the same function "struct event_data* ev = (struct event_data*)strdb_get(ev_db, labelname);" used elsewhere in the sourcecode and presumably it works but I can't for the life of me figure this one out. I am using a modified version of rev ~42000. Any ideas would be helpful. EDIT: I'm stupid, I have to use "OnCombatMES" not "L_CombatMES" for this type of script
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