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  1. It's possible to do that, And I had the scripts.
  2. I don't know best way but dump way is OnNPCKillEvent: //Do stuff check level, monster level then increase EXP getmonsterinfo(killedrid, MOB_BASEEXP) ( That should x2 now ) end;
  3. First I'm beginner I made bunch of bad code and game working fine with no lagging but loading into stage is slow. Now I learn more how to optimize them and made game load faster.
  4. TARTs

    Korean Buttons

    data\luafiles514\lua files\service_usa Did you had this folder?
  5. TARTs

    Korean Buttons

    Use other langtype in clientinfo, Making your service language ( Duplicate folder in data > luafile ).
  6. Yes it's 2,147,483,647 zeny.
  7. Go to opensetup > Reset factory default. Update graphics card driver. Update windows. If didn't work try to use simple Client without gepard.
  8. Use SDE for edit database > @ reloaditemdb > Try to equip
  9. npc\merchants\socket_enchant.txt npc\merchants\socket_enchant2.txt Missing some item then add it manually.
  10. Use official attendance system.
  11. I can't tell which one is best. I only know 1 language. Currently I'm on C# Unity. I made 2 games you can see it here https://kanintemsrisukgames.wordpress.com/2019/03/06/all-kt-games-links/
  12. Just drag mouse into it?