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  1. Add movement speed when in town only

    rathena\db\re\item_noequip.txt Put your item here.
  2. December Digest 2017

    Very good job again! Thanks rAthena!
  3. Script didnt work as i wish

    prontera,136,200,2 script Loyal Knight of Rune Midgard 418,{ if (countitem(7281) < 1) { mes "[Herold]"; mes "Welcome to Invek"; mes "I'm happy to welcome you here, friend."; mes "Are you here to help us with those fanatic church dudes?"; next; switch (select("Yes, Lord!:I'm not sure, Lord!:No, sorry!")) { case 1: mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "Fine! May our king bless you, kid!"; mes "First you need to prove us how loyal you are, kid."; mes "Bring me..."; next; mes "5 Emperium"; mes "100 Jellopy"; mes "100 Heart of Mermaid"; mes "25 Nose Ring of Minotaur"; next; mes "When you have all those items come back"; mes "and talk again to me, ok?"; if (countitem(714) >= 5 && countitem(909) >= 100 && countitem(941) >= 25 && countitem(950) >= 100) { switch (select("Here, I've got them:Maybe later")) { case 1: mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "Wow! I didn't thought that you were so fast!"; mes "Let me take this treasures for you."; next; delitem 714,5; delitem 909,100; delitem 941,25; delitem 950,100; getitem 7182,1; next; mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "Here you have your offical Emblem of the Knights"; mes "With this emblem, everybody will see that you are on of us!"; mes "Now you can get quests and other benefits here in Invek"; end; case 2: mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "I'm waiting here for you, kido!"; end; } if (countitem(714) < 5 && countitem(909) < 100 && countitem(941) < 25 && countitem(950) < 100) { switch (select("Okay, my Lord.")) { case 1: mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "May the king bless you"; end; } } } case 2: mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "So, you are not sure yet, kid?"; mes "Let me explain something to you..."; mes "We are the one who fight for the king. We have to bring up our souls for an unreacheable kingdom"; next; mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "Who else could do this?"; end; case 3: mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "I hope to see you again soon!"; end; } } if (countitem(7281) > 1) { mes "[Lord Asterix]"; mes "Traitor, go away!!"; close; } }
  4. Battle Royale like PUBG

    Done the download link is on same Google Drive.
  5. Battle Royale like PUBG

    Download : https://goo.gl/Yvdmyw I will translate scripts to English if you want it.
  6. Walk problem

    Maybe some custom scripts of your is a problem. Try using clean lastest rAthena.
  7. Making a "Blank" Costume Headgear

    Maybe this help. https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3626-tarts-dual-equipment/
  8. R > Working LMS Last Man Standing

    Try this but It's Thai language. https://goo.gl/Yvdmyw
  9. October Digest 2017

    Thanks to rAthena again! Whewwww
  10. September Digest 2017

    Yayyyyyyyy! Very nice! well done rAthena.
  11. summoner Doram Adv Skill

    Try ZackDeaver English translation and max your base level and job level skill will be show.
  12. View File TARTs | Dual Equipment Submitter TARTs Submitted 09/14/2017 Category Scripts Video https://youtu.be/PIFvfk69IC0 Content Author TARTs  
  13. TARTs | Dual Equipment

    Version 1.0.1



  14. Where is the packet_db file?

    src > config > packet.h
  15. August Digest 2017

    Very Very Very nice work! <3