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  1. helo i want to buy your npc sprites. Need ur contact asap. thanks

  2. First of all, I already add the account_tipe on the last column of login table. After that i got error table vip_platinum,vip_gold,vip_silver. I think i should to add the 3 of new table like that. How to add a new table like that? Would you teach me/gimme guide something like that?
  3. what server are u using? rathena? i think if u using rathena u dont have to change anything. but if u use another emulator change lvl to group_id I used eathena emulator, how can i edit sql database for this script? Because i got error like this " : DB error - Unknown column 'account_type' in 'field list' ", how to fix that?
  4. @Java Would you give me how to configure sql database to complitable with this script?
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