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  1. Hi , Thanks for this beautiful map ^^ , but in game i need model/dragon/treasuredragon.rsm can you give me this model plz?
  2. thx for your reply emisty, When i change this values , my byorge recall slave but dont re spawn =s exemple: if i kill bow guardian , my byorgue call sword all 10sec and dont respawn bow 1839,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,idle,196,2,10000,1000,10,no,self,slavele,1,1829,1830,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,chase,196,2,10000,1000,10,no,self,slavele,1,1829,1830,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,attack,196,2,10000,1000,10,no,self,slavele,1,1829,1830,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_CALLSLAVE,idle,352,1,10000,0,10,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_BASH,attack,5,5,500,0,5000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_TELEPORT,idle,26,1,10000,0,0,yes,self,rudeattacked,,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_TELEPORT,walk,26,1,5000,0,5000,yes,self,rudeattacked,,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_GRIMTOOTH,idle,137,5,10000,0,5000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,6, 1839,[email protected]_GRIMTOOTH,chase,137,5,10000,0,5000,yes,target,skillused,18,,,,,,6, 1839,[email protected]_BREAKER,chase,379,3,2000,0,5000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_METEORASSAULT,attack,406,2,500,0,5000,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_SONICBLOW,attack,136,5,1000,0,5000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,6, 1839,[email protected]_CRITICALSLASH,attack,170,1,1000,0,5000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_STUNATTACK,attack,179,5,1000,0,5000,yes,target,always,0,,,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_CALLSLAVE,attack,352,1,10000,0,10,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,,
  3. Hi rathena, my byorgue on thor map do not summon bow guardian and sword guardian can you tell me how fixe that? 1839,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,idle,196,2,10000,1000,60000000,no,self,slavele,1,1829,1830,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,chase,196,2,10000,1000,60000000,no,self,slavele,1,1829,1830,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_SUMMONSLAVE,attack,196,2,10000,1000,60000000,no,self,slavele,1,1829,1830,,,,, 1839,[email protected]_CALLSLAVE,idle,352,1,10000,0,10000,yes,self,always,0,,,,,,, thx for your help ^^
  4. Hi rathena, i use SQL Db and i see many hat with bad effect , i have try to put good script in my sql but have same error with 2 hat for bacsojin hat ( ID : 5464 ) and for King Tiger Doll hat ( ID : 5497 ) my cmd tell me unexpected eof @ string . how can fixe that plz? ^^
  5. Hello Rathena, I created @go Dbroom but when I @go 39 he teleports me on db room (nov_02) but not in my instance =s because have create 4 - @go @go Battleground @go Market @go Eden @go DbRoom all works but for DBRoom i use a specialy db who create one instance(for private db) can you tell me how fixe that plz ? Thx for your repply
  6. Hi Rathena can you tell me how fixed that plz? thx for your repply ^^
  7. hhmmm ok but if I disable them how can I check if a player insults another player or troll?
  8. Hi, rathena have a big problèm's , when a player want to talking in chatbox my map server freezz and we can't move or anything but in my cmd i dont see any bug or crash or others. i use I try something else and I think that it comes from the database when someone does an action that changes information on the database for information this morning it works perfectly and without that I touch his made his can you help me plz
  9. Thx Drog but now have that =s
  10. thx i will try that =p i use SQL db for item =p for any whant for SQL db if(!getmapflag(strcharinfo(3),mf_noteleport)) { warp strcharinfo(3),0,0; } thx all ^^
  11. Hi Rathena, have a little problèm's with my item =s i would like add in my serveur this item Infinite Flywing ItemID #12887 (C_Wing_Of_Fly) but when i use it , he use item, don't teleport and he are deleted at my inventory =s and its not alone item have same problèms with Halter Lead Day Box 7 day #16682 and I think it's the same for a lot of things can you help me to resolve that pleaze ? Thanks for your reply.
  12. fixed you have missing in your .diff search in ../ pc.cpp fixed by @n0tttt
  13. same problèms , have save with notepad++ on uncode --> UTF8 without BOM
  14. its your emulator XD, how i can fixed that?