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  1. Try to replace new binkw32.dll
  2. remove poring npc in event

    Comment npc: npc/other/poring_war.txt in scripts_athena.conf
  3. Language Items & Mob

    Do you see it say ragnarok.test.item_db_re not exist ?
  4. Language Items & Mob

    use item_db_re instead ragnarok.item_db_re
  5. Help in Custom Mob

    try use monster_Id lower 4000
  6. script command to terminate script when trying to move

    attach timer; after 1s check current location and last location if different, terminal script end detach timer; else reset timer;
  7. Make a server don't see other players

    You MUST haha Write a custom warp to join instance. Good luck.
  8. Make a server don't see other players

    Make all map except prontera is a instance.
  9. all about +20 stats food box

    Post your script !! Or edit Level of food in item script Maybe check is exist any number "1" and change to 20
  10. Hosting OS Suggestion

    The different point is the compiler. Window use Visual Studio linux using ' make' Follow this wiki:
  11. Hosting OS Suggestion

    No need know everything. Just learn how to compile source and run server. Don't worry too much. Wiki will help you. When got error, search google .
  12. Hosting OS Suggestion

    Linux for: - Performance - Security - Easy to compile Window for: - Dummy - Friendly UI
  13. Long time coming

  14. Banryu Custom Weapon

    Make sure item_job (0x00000080) fit with wearer's job. 0x00000080 are for paladin/lord knight or rune night/royal guard right ? What class wearing banryu ?