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  1. Thanks Emistry, Always helping people, congratulations, you're a great person!
  2. Hi all, I want to know if there is any converter from item_db.conf to item_db.txt, if anyone knows how I do please help me thanks.
  3. function script bg_checkmsg { [email protected] = callfunc("bg_getconfiginfo","1"); if( [email protected] ) query_sql "SELECT `value` FROM `char_reg_num` WHERE `char_id`='" + getarg(0) + "' AND `key`='bg_enable_msg'", [email protected]; else query_sql "SELECT `value` FROM `acc_reg_num` WHERE `account_id`='" + getarg(0) + "' AND `key`='bg_enable_msg'", [email protected]; return (!getarraysize([email protected])?0:1); } I am using the function of acc_reg_num but she not this recording in SQL because the syntax is wrong someone can fix?
  4. hello good day, I tried the way u gave me, when I click the item, it's gravity error,
  5. Hello good evening, tried to find on the internet and in the forum could not the way they are showing takes place in weapontable.lub, I tried this way could not, or I'm not doing it right, someone can help me add a custom weapon, thanks
  6. Hello good evening, I have a problem when loose the sanctuary magic it does not appear the way on the ground, also does not work magnus Exorcismus, safety wall, among other spells, give not know if it's the problem hexed or DATA folder, if someone can help me I thank enough..
  7. Hello good night, I need a help to the client diff 2014 diff some but some had bugs in packet_db it impossible to play, want to help or a tutorial on how diffar hexed 2014 with support for roulette thank luck
  8. Hello good night guys, I would like some help in this script: - shop MVSHOP1 -1,512:-1 - shop MVSHOP2 -1,512:-1 prontera,153,285,3 script Loja Pontos Mvp 1734,{ mes "[^FF0000Loja MvP^000000]"; mes "•MVP é a abreviação para Most Valuable Player, que significa Jogador de Maior Valor."; mes "•É uma definição que não se limita apenas à Ragnarök Online."; next; mes "[^FF0000Loja MvP^000000]"; mes "•A dificuldade de um MVP está pelo seu HP, dano e Experiência altíssimos."; mes "•Eles são do tipo Chefe, ou seja, possuem certas prioridades que um monstro comum não possui."; next; mes "[^FF0000Loja MvP^000000]"; mes "•Os MVPs são livres para todos os jogadores: qualquer um poderá atacar um MVP sem estar infringindo a regra de Kill Steal."; mes "•Entretanto, se houver abuso e habilidade, os infratores deverão ser denunciados."; next; mes "[^FF0000Loja MvP^000000]"; mes "Deseja trocar seus pontos MvP por itens?"; switch(select("[^339966+^000000] Sim.:[^FF0000+^000000] Não.")) { case 1: next; mes "[^FF0000Loja MvP^000000]"; mes "^FF0000Escolha a categoria de itens que lhe interessa:^000000"; set @s, select("Utilities :Equipament"); message strcharinfo(0),"Esta loja só aceita Pontos MvP."; dispbottom "Você tem "+PontoMvP+" Pontos MvP."; callshop "MVSHOP"[email protected],1; npcshopattach "MVSHOP"[email protected]; end; case 2: close; } OnBuyItem: if (PontoMvP==0){mes "Você não possui Pontos Mvp"; close;} if (PontoMvP>=1){ set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize(@bought_nameid)) { set [email protected], 0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize(getd(".Shop"[email protected]))) { if(getd(".Shop"[email protected]+"["[email protected]+"]") == @bought_nameid[[email protected]]) { set @itemcost, (getd(".Shop"[email protected]+"["+([email protected]+1)+"]") * @bought_quantity[[email protected]]); set @totalcost, @totalcost + @itemcost; break; } set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } set [email protected], [email protected]+1; } if (@totalcost > PontoMvP) dispbottom "Você não tem o suficiente de Pontos MvP."; else { set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize(@bought_nameid)) { getitem @bought_nameid[[email protected]], @bought_quantity[[email protected]]; dispbottom "Você comprou "[email protected]_quantity[[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname(@bought_nameid[[email protected]])+"."; set [email protected], [email protected]+1; } set PontoMvP,[email protected]; mes "Seu total de Pontos MvP agora é "+PontoMvP+" .";} set @totalcost, 0; deletearray @bought_nameid[0], 128; deletearray @bought_quantity[0], 128; close; end; } OnInit: setarray .Currency[1],507; setarray .Shop1[0],12913,3,12914,3,13718,3,12916,3,13550,5,12901,3,14004,5,13989,2,6124,1,13718,3,13718,3,13718,3,13718,3,13718,3,13718,3; setarray .Shop2[0],7729,470,7977,10,24000,300,24001,300,24002,300,24003,300,24004,300,24005,300,24006,300,24007,300,24008,300,24009,300,24010,300,24011,300,24012,300,24013,300,24014,300,24015,300,24016,300,24017,300,24018,300,24019,300,24020,300,24021,300,24022,300,24024,300,24025,300,24026,300,24027,300,24028,300,24029,300,24030,300; set [email protected],1; while ([email protected] <= getarraysize(.Currency)) { set [email protected],0; while ([email protected] < getarraysize(getd(".Shop"[email protected]))) { npcshopdelitem "MVSHOP"[email protected],512; npcshopadditem "MVSHOP"[email protected], getd(".Shop"[email protected]+"["[email protected]+"]"), getd(".Shop"[email protected]+"["+([email protected]+1)+"]"); set [email protected], [email protected]+2; } set [email protected], [email protected]+1; } end; } There's Utilities and equipment, would be able to add more options in the menu by MvP points, I tried but I could not if anyone can help me I will be grateful thanks.
  9. Hello good afternoon, I need help to display the images of the items in my database of fluxcp, give if someone can help me I will be very grateful. Exemple image:
  10. Hello, guys! I have one problem I equip the item and it keeps in inventory and fitted in minutes as I fix this? if I throw the item on the ground it falls Normal when I change the map it is equipped and some of the inventory.
  11. Request script who help me ? Hi dear, i'm requesting npc script: 3vs3 party - event with prize - player registers his team, and enters the queue when the battle is over two teams compete; 5 mffa - event pvp with prize - the player register and enter a queue five players vying in a room is left to win the event and is teleported to the prize;
  12. put is for down =) nice !
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