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  1. why is it guild storage is disabled in PRE-RE? ive been in some post here but why do need to edit in SRC/modification or something. i remember its an old problem but its until now, its sad
  2. that version of the patcher is a bug. I use much older than that and its working 100% Your configuration is correct. Version Quote Edit
  3. its working on nox ill try next in my mobile ^_^
  4. windows base right? its like i experience it before too. its to hard to trace after of many many script or changes that you done try to remove what you change before it happen. I suggest use linux base run in VirtualBox ^_^
  5. Cant wait to see this on my server too. but in official release of rathena no manual modification ^_^ this is awsome update
  6. Oh Since i know how to use Virtual Box i don't run the RO offline in windows already, so i kinda not familiar with that BUG or ERROR.. I run the rAthena in VirtualBox running Centos 7 OS and work perfectly and smooth its like i have own FREE VPS in my PC ^_^
  7. use the mapcahe editor to update your map_cache.dat in your server so you can walk.. In EXE try use 20180620eRagexe-RE the E version not A ok ^_^ good luck!
  8. You just edit you PHP.INI the uploadmax from 2M to what size you want using VI or NANO... then restart your HTTP server or your server and walah! ^_^
  9. oo. wait ka lang.. d kaya ng website mo block ang ddos? >.<
  10. Offline RO? What is your OS server run? what ragexe version?
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