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Community Answers

  1. Check your grf or correct luafile call functions (pre-re/renewal) ^_^
  2. Salamat Sir.. Punta ka sa rA folder ---> rathena/npc/ hanapin mo yong scripts_custom.conf alisin mo mga comment na // sa start ng script para ma activate. Sample: / ----------------------- Basic Scripts ----------------------- npc: npc/custom/warper.txt Enable //npc: npc/custom/jobmaster.txt Disabled
  3. Try this : sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/html sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html if this wont work just let me know ^_^
  4. watch my guide video HERE! FluxCP included there...
  5. Thats great then.. Good Luck! ^_^
  6. check the telnet of your port if that port 9001 is open or close.. or try the default port 80 ^_^
  7. version of your thor? i have that before also bug issue in new thor version.. Try the different version
  8. If reading guide makes it difficult for you because of technicalities o sa mga terminology e watch my Guide video ^_^ and other guides meron din po dito CLICK ME!
  9. Put the name of yor client EXE in this area ->>>> ClientEXE='Your RO.exe'
  10. Add this in your accessoryid.lub ACCESSORY_Grand_Fairy_Wings = 5000 /import/item_db.yml - Id: 2220 AegisName: Grand_Fairy_Wings Name: Grand Fairy Wings Type: Armor Buy: 1000 Weight: 50 Defense: 2 Locations: Head_Top: true Refineable: false View: 5000
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