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  1. Try this : sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/html sudo chown -R apache:apache /var/www/html if this wont work just let me know ^_^
  2. watch my guide video HERE! FluxCP included there...
  3. Thats great then.. Good Luck! ^_^
  4. check the telnet of your port if that port 9001 is open or close.. or try the default port 80 ^_^
  5. version of your thor? i have that before also bug issue in new thor version.. Try the different version
  6. If reading guide makes it difficult for you because of technicalities o sa mga terminology e watch my Guide video ^_^ and other guides meron din po dito CLICK ME!
  7. Put the name of yor client EXE in this area ->>>> ClientEXE='Your RO.exe'
  8. Add this in your accessoryid.lub ACCESSORY_Grand_Fairy_Wings = 5000 /import/item_db.yml - Id: 2220 AegisName: Grand_Fairy_Wings Name: Grand Fairy Wings Type: Armor Buy: 1000 Weight: 50 Defense: 2 Locations: Head_Top: true Refineable: false View: 5000
  9. Try Disable SELinux ^_^
  10. Much better use Fluxcp more info to track down the player accounts, activities and storage.. ^_^
  11. Make sure your ro exe diff correctly which to read first and what xml to read
  12. extract then repack on your ro grf... Or add in your ro folder and add those names list in DATA.INI ^_^
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