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  1. Quick Draw Shot is an offensive skill the same as skills of a monk that you have to press the chain skills so it could activate (pre-requisite skill). It doesn't need any stats to cast. Since I am trying to create an aspd rebellion, getting the timing of quick draw shot is 2-3 out of 10. And i hate spamming a single skill continuously coz my laptops keyboard is kinda old. I checked skill_db but don't know the lines there. Here is the line for the quick draw shot. 2559,-9,6,4,-1,0x0,10,1,1,no,0,0x0,0,weapon,0,0x0, RL_QD_SHOT,Quick Draw Shot And here's the passive skill Chain Action that needs to activate so you could click quick draw shot. 511,-9,8,0,-1,0,0,10,2,no,0,0,0,weapon,0,0x0, GS_CHAINACTION,Chain Action
  2. Can someone please help with modifying Quick Draw of Rebellion so that it would be auto cast after Chain Action. Just a newbie here so it would be a great help if it would be a detailed information. Thanks.
  3. Patulong po pano gawin ang Quick Draw Shot ng Rebellion na maging auto cast pagkatapos ng Chain Action. Newbie po kaya kung pwede po ay detailed ang info. Thanks
  4. Patulong po pano gamitin to? Kung maaari po ay iupload po sa youtube para mas maraming makaalam pano pag gamit. Thanks.
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