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Well, first before I go any further, are admins know about Meta Tags that applied on rAthena Board? Because I just see rAthena board isn't concerning about meta tags everywhere and other SEO stuffs.

If the Admins plan isn't concerning about SEO for rAthena Board, that's mean don't need to read more a piece of words from me. :D


1. rAthena Board main page

Try check the source pages, let's find the meta tag for description and keywords. What are you guys got? "Array". What the...?

Suggestion: The main page, I bet even a free or cheap CMS at least has config to set the web description. So, you can write it, or, I know @Akkarin and I think some higher ups are good in HTML, you can just edit it manually. :D


2. Topic

Just try the same method like above, what's the result? Same "Array"?

And then, I wonder the 'tag' that provide when user make a new topic, it can be generated becomes meta keywords for each topic.

Suggestion: If user don't put tag on topic, rAthena management can point someone (moderator? board admin? community admin?) to just put tag for it.


3. Wiki

Now, move to Wiki, well, I'm totally newbie on Wiki stuff, I just know how to editing stuff. The question is totally same,

"Are wiki has config to defined the page's meta description and keywords?" or "Can contributor edit/add/remove those meta tags for each page?"

Why? Try visit random rAthena's Wiki, let's see the source, Anyone good meta description and meta keywords?

I tried, and got nothing.

Suggestion: Hmm, maybe just same like above.


4. HTML Headings

This is a weird one, try back on main page, and see, how many h1, h2, and h3 did you found? I got these

- Main page


- Topic page



- For main page: put h1 for Web Title, h2 for web description h3 for category list

- For topic, make h1 for topic title.


5. robots.txt

rAthena board has the sitemap.xml* itself, but someone told me, better to "tell" the robots.txt the sitemap.xml* that it needs to crawl.

the robots.txt doesn't have something like this. :P

6. microformats

I think we can make each topic is "authorized" by the poster's profile on Google+

Suggestion: I think for this board, not really a important stuff. :P


7. Google Webmaster

And then, put the rAthena on Google Webmaster. What is it? I think almost everyone know and yeah, I heard there is staff here that minion of Google? :P But, is "it" alive? Don't ask me, even Google doesn't know.


I bet IPB must be have SEO pack for their product. Why don't admin plays with SEO for better search result? :D


If any question, why I discuss this issue,

  1. I just want rAthena is easy-to-find on search engine, so user that maybe has problem can easily search the question and find the answer.
  2. I've planned to make shared-knowledge about encounter issues about rAthena in FAQ page, so just for simply and familiar issues can be found easily, isn't easier the supporters or someone to support in each support board category? (I think I already make the suggestion/discussion topic about this idea, but I forget where is it). It will be pain to search if want to make something like this but no idea (or hard to find) the source page or issues. :D


- I never have my IPB (so rAthena or other who have it, can try the SEO stuffs for your better Board).

- The SSs are from SEOquake Page Diagnosis (Chrome Extension, Firefox also has one)

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I have experience with IPB more then few years.

Invision Power Board have best SEO optimization what i ever seen before (XenForo good too) from the "box".


btw, all of your ideas is very good, and i totally support them. 

keywords must be: ragnarok, emulator, *athena (need to talk with SEO professionals about that)



I was start to write a suggestion about webserver optimization, but my curl show me a header from rathena, and with their web-server software anything ok:) 



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Just wait and see.

Because this thread just kinda not like suggestion, but just more like "why don't u do this? let's go and hurry!" /heh

since I wrote this not as a person who doesn't know about SEO. /meh

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Just for informations : keyword meta tag is not used by search engines since years.

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Just for informations : keyword meta tag is not used by search engines since years.

there are many search engines, even the Google itself, it has "version", and for current version, idk yet how does it work now.

also, I mention

I heard there is staff here that minion of Google

and well, finally, everything that I wanted to say are wrote already, the rest is admins decision.

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