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  1. Exactly, it act as the official client, it doesn't store players data somewhere. Little compilation of what's were done since the last time: Emoticons Support @monsterbig / @monstersmall Support for monster hp bar Support for teleport / warp portal window (also identify and autocast skill). Support for pet hunger bar Add discount and overcharge (correct display) Can now open users shop Now supporting Party System (and friends /hi, /invite, /leave, /organize, change leader, expel, change configs, casting skill on names, everythings.). Awesome memory optimization (can now render 5x more monsters on screen). And a lot of bugfixes and clean up. Maybe others things I forget through.
  2. Thank you so much :DD may i ask, under what line should i add those lines? thanks again in src/map/clif.c Search for : else if( sd->progressbar.npc_id ) clif_progressbar_abort(sd); Add just before: else if( sd->state.blockedmove ) return;
  3. Yep, it cancel the progressbar before checking in the player can move, not sure if it's intended. Can be easily things using: @src/map/clif.c + else if( sd->state.blockedmove ) + return; else if( sd->progressbar.npc_id ) clif_progressbar_abort(sd); About the progressbar color, official client doesn't support it yet.
  4. @johnbond roBrowser doesn't have any sql connection (fortunately because of security), it connect on the server as the official client do : using sockets. And of course you can have the browser client and your own full client (there are already servers doing it).
  5. @Kichi Better to move to roBrowser's forum for support. In your case, just copy the file you need and mofify the API call with what you need. @Aeomin It can run, yeah, but I prefer to focus on desktop/laptop foir now instead of saying "It works on mobile" and having to debug a hell lot of new hardware when only 10% of mobiles can run it (and depending of their browsers too). @All Since the latest topic updates, a few things were adding : It's now possible to use item that execute skills (fly wings, butterfly wings, scrolls, ...). Identify items using magnifier (or using Identify skill). Can cast the Skill Auto-Spell. Possibility to see, equip/unequip ammos. Possibility to remove status ("off" button in equipment to remove falcon/cart/mount). Added the card system. Added the trade system Fix 2nd and 3rd job attack animations. Added babies correct size DB refactoring (lot of new DB files). A new compiler tool (user friendly). A new tool to convert lua/txt/xray files to the new roBrowser's DB.
  6. No way. The encryption used by Harmony is closed source, so there are no way for me to know how the packet encryption work and write a patch to support it.
  7. It's not a Gravity grf. The only similarity is the extension, nothing else, it's not a file to store resources. Gravity -> grf mean (I guess) : Game File Resources (to store resources data - textures, images, models, world, etc.) MineCraft ->grf mean -> Game Rule File (so maybe to store rules, game step (mission), just guessing here.).
  8. @Aidhus Cool I don't have much time to focus on support/dev + documentation so I'm really glad if you can help on this part @johnbond roBrowser is not well supported by phones and tablets. It required at least a system that support OpenGL ES 2.0, after it depends of the browser (some of them, depending of the phone do not work, so currently users will have to test on different browsers...). And at least, robrowser isn't designed for phone (talking about hardware and UI) : there is no touch controls, no frustum culling to avoid intensive work on GPU, ... So if you want to have RO in your phone, robrowser isn't the best idea.
  9. Sorry for the late response, I'm more active to support in robrowser's forum. The chrome app doesn't use the api.js, it use the chrome-app/settings.js, the structure is the same than in the API.
  10. @Aidhus It use renewal files, basic info UI use basic_interface/basewin_bg2.bmp background. @Lanz If you are the same than in our forum, it should be fix right now.
  11. SecureGRF works with its own cps.dll, same as this tool. So you can't since you have to choose which .dll you want the client to load. Great work as always curiosity, I don't know why Gravity didn't implement something similar yet. Hope this will be used soon in a lot of servers : boring to download 2go of data.
  12. Some things do not need server modification to work. But yeah, if you want a new UI with server communication or advance features you'll need server modification.
  13. Exactly, roBrowser is an open source executable, not an emulator of the executable as some guys think it is. You can find the library I use here: https://github.com/vthibault/roBrowser/tree/master/src/Vendors glMatrix - helper to manage vector/matrix. jQuery - a well known library in javascript to manipulate DOM. I added it just for helping newbie to build UI easily. require.js - helper to manage dependencies. text-encoding - helper for charset. All other things are plain javascript/html/webgl. Talking about charset, roBrowser now read the langtype and is able to display others languages (chinese characters for example).
  14. You can do whatever you want with the files, sell them, modify them. But you'll have to keep the same license and copyrights. If ever you share/sell it, the user can ask to get the source code. It's on the API: http://www.robrowser.com/getting-started (search for "Packet Version") You have to specify your packetver in the ROConfig object: packetver: 20130812, You have an example at the end of the page.
  15. roBrowser isn't a server/emulator. It's a client/executable.
  16. The phone need to be able to execute webgl content, if that's not the case I can't do anything. In all cases, it's not adapted for touch controls for now, the UI need to be completely different and missing some controls to rotate/zoom the camera. I don't understand your question about database, roBrowser use the file you gave to him. For now it just read all database .txt files (old files), try to parse some lub files (but can fail), and don't even touch about lua and xray files. As for the lua I don't know if I should go to run a VM in another VM, great change to be slow in my opinion.
  17. @xRaisen Added in the latest version. @johnbond For now, no. I was thinking years ago to create one .map file for each map that contain all models/textures compressed into it. But because of time and interest I didn't do it. Do not drop the client.exe, drop the GRFs (or the fullclient folder in chrome). So instead of downloading resources from the server, roBrowser will use the files you gave to him.
  18. Same limitation than the official client. Bots do not need a client to connect on a server. WPE can be blocked using Hercules WPE Free system (robrowser support it). There is nothing to avoid auto-clickers (even Harmony and other protection tools can't block them). Seems like I missed it, thanks for the report. I'll add it very soon.
  19. @Snippet It's not a problem/bug, it's an unimplemented feature yet. There are more importants things to do than guild/party for now, as the language support (some countries can't even talk) or BattleMode system, but there will be add once it will be the next more important things in the TODO list. @sanosan33 Hehe, let's drink a beer together when you'll go to paris ;D
  20. April news Did some updates to the website: http://www.robrowser.com/ Add support for 2014 packets. Introduce NPC Store UI. Add Skill description Window. Add support for multiple map-server. Introduce Screenshot system (alt + P) - experimental. Introduce a lot of effects. Add a STR Viewer to the repo. Add emotions and status effects. As all months, massive bugs fix.
  21. @Pascal S Hi, that sucks but currently there is no way to disable it. roBrowser live in a browser so if the browser itself hook the keys you can't do a thing. Currently the problem depend of the keyboard, the OS, and the browser. In a macintosh keyboard, I can only use F5 and F6 keys, all others execute system action (sound volume, screen light, ...), in the same OS using a different keyboard I don't have this problem. In some OS some keys can't be hooked too, and there is the same thing about some browser (ex: ctrl+tab changing tab, F5 refreshing the page). As roBrowser is the latest to get key information it's the latest to process. To fix it, you have to kick roBrowser out of the browser, using a Chrome App for example, or compile it as a executable. For now I'm working on the BattleMode system to be able to modify the keys and avoid this problem. About the cursor arrow, it will be implemented with some status (frozen, freeze, curse) once I finish rewriting the attachment system, it's a work in progress. @Zell Thank you
  22. Oh, thank you. The button is here but the image were not loaded because of some async proces, fixed it in the latest version Thanks for the report !
  23. @Talaysen Thank you. It can currently used for public used, but still a lot of things not implemented yet (trade UI, homunculus control, teleport UI, most of the effects...). You can always test it in http://demo.robrowser.com/ if you need an idea. The real issues I have for now is: A browser bug with scrollbar (click on a scrollbar start dragging the UI box) The sprite rendering got some problem with depth (check http://forum.robrowser.com/index.php?topic=32201.0 for more informations). And the water wave doesn't fully match the official one. Some browser doesn't allow you to press some key (F1-F12 key for example), I'm working on the battlemode to fix it. Now, most users are stucked in the installation process and do not really understand what they do (and do not read properly the installation guide) so that create some topic each days with the same problem. Some others think roBrowser run the executable (as an emulator) and think, because of a missing feature, it's a bug. And the last (small) part can't run roBrowser because of an old computer (it required OpenGL ES 2.0 support - shader support). About servers, roBrowser support multiple login, multiple char and multiple map servers. The multiple map-server is implemented but since I didn't fully tested it I can't be sure it's fully working. Thank you about thinking to donate, I spend most years building it and I notice in RO community guys never donate for free resources, just use money for paid services (except very few ones).So it's really appreciate @all This month the most important things we are working on are effects (just the one using STR file for now) : Added the NPC Store to buy and sell items: The pending works are charset support (langtype), battle mode (hook keys)
  24. @Xii If it found an error it will stop displaying files, but you can always download the file you want using the right click menu If you ever trying to find buggy files in your GRF, I wrote some tools for roBrowser (require you to drag-drop your grf - or click on the box to select them) : SPR checker : http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/sprites.html ACT checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/action.html GAT checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/altitude.html GND checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/ground.html RSW checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/world.html RSM checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/models.html STR checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/str.html TGA checker: http://demo.robrowser.com/src/Tests/targa.html @all I did some modifications, model viewer / str viewer and map viewer should be a bit faster to render files.
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