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[Showcase] Konoha Village from Naruto

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I'd like to thank everyone for your comments. I have been so busy to reply this thread... btw I'm doing another naruto city that you will love to see.



I've always wanted to see a RO map of Konoha, and this is quite similar to it. I like the design work a lot, but I have 3 nitpicks xD:
- The head statues are casting a shadow and giving the feeling they are no part of the mountain (mainly because of the contrast between the texture illumination values and the ground texture.
- Texture maps (mainly the ones in the ceiling) have low resolutions or aren't being efficient enough.
- Some models (especially the ones with curves) are too sharp in their edges (a shared smoothing group will fix that (put it to 45 in 3D max - Then autosmooth the whole model). In case that's not the issue, probably the textures aren't tiling correctly :/.
8.5/10, the map is awesome, but I'm sure you can upgrade it! (it actually doesn't require any change in browedit except for the statues shadow). You only have to modify models/textures.

Yes you are right, texture maps are 512x512, I think I would improve it to: 1024x1024 cause the buildings are bigger. And you are right about the heads. Actually the guy who asked this map gave me few days to finish it, and it was not possible to fix those details, but now I can.


It is a super work creation! 98/100. I just notice the statue on the mountain. I think you need to put one more head hokage statue there, due to Konoha already has five kages. You miss the Tsunade statue. 
But overall your work is super great. I love the map!

Yep although I have noticed that in some screenshots of reference there are only 4 heads. The last one comes after (and actually I didnt have it) :P


I always wondered if olrox was a human or a demi-god. Oh I can incorporate my change race to demi-god. :P

I'm a human and I like cake :D

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I know what it feels :S. It's frustrating when production times doesn't let you develop the art the way you want. Yet it's more professional to complete a city in the desired time even if it has some things that can be upgraded, than completing 20% of it in a very detailed artistic way :P.

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