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  1. Hello Rathena I want to make script for ID bunos for donate user Example donate 10 usd : get ID RANK LV 1 : Bonus +3%Drop +3%Exp +3%Bonus cash Point donate 50 usd : get ID RANK LV 2 : Bonus +5%Drop +5%Exp +5%Bonus cash Point
  2. I try to test and fix it but still not work
  3. can you tell me how to return to old bard/dancer skills. ?
  4. I try to make server revo-classic and I wont to change bowlingbash skill to old like this who know how to confix it?
  5. who can tell me how to cut this effect or name .bmp,TGA thk bro <3
  6. I can't edit in data.grf ? or I can I am normal player T T
  7. what onpclogin ? idon't understand it is have in data.grf ? or ? (thak for answer)
  8. I edit sprite character monk and sage to big but head character drop misfit with character i see this picture in google i want to know how to edit same this picture who can tell mee about how to edit plz <3
  9. plz help me for change (convert) jobname.lub to lua or change empelium to s_empel_1 thankyou jobname.lub
  10. yes I know easier for edit with act + spr but my server lock act + spr character with gpard.grf I want to edit in jobname.lub etc. I change swordman class to satan morroc I want to know how to edit or can't edit in jobname.lub thankyou <3
  11. I need to edit Big charecter but this sever use gpard lock act Sprite Character I can change Charecter to monster from Jobname.lub ? plz tell me about how to edit Thk <3
  12. i want to edit shake effect of Heaven Drive skill Who can tell me what is name str files of Heaven drive <3
  13. I need to create map castle guildwar i need to create the way to emperium You can see in picture who can tell me for tools programs for create thank!! Sorry my english not good
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