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  1. Hello my client (2014-10-22b) crashes when i change gender to female of any job but is all good with male characters. How to fix this? i already patched custom job and added the lua files to make custom job work.
  2. Since @mail is not yet working on 2015 , is there anyway to get the item from sendmail( source? Like @getmail custom command which you'll get the item / zennies immediately?
  3. bump on the vip not adding extra character slots.
  4. awesome pvp ladder dude! <3 keep it up
  5. great idea but I saw a post like this in midgard community. Good luck ! +1
  6. As we all know alternate sprite of 3rd jobs have errors on stylist custom palette. How can I make the stylist check if the player has already bodystyle so he can prohibit him from using cloth color stylist.
  7. How to exempt players on @autotrade / @afk?
  8. Anyone help me with this script? Or is it possible to make it a script?
  9. okay, is it compatible to other emulators like herucles?
  10. I tried it on the latest revision of rathena. July 11. No errors on the map server
  11. OH i see. Sorry i got the wrong folder.
  12. I got this prompt on the latest revision of daily reward, seems function insert plural is not on the file.
  13. what? I mean just like this one, additional stats from safeguard not visible on alt + a?
  14. awesome but is there any way to make the following bonuses show on alt + a(stat)
  15. Thank you OKUZ! <3