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    Hello my client (2014-10-22b) crashes when i change gender to female of any job but is all good with male characters. How to fix this? i already patched custom job and added the lua files to make custom job work.
  2. Since @mail is not yet working on 2015 , is there anyway to get the item from sendmail( source? Like @getmail custom command which you'll get the item / zennies immediately?
  3. awesome pvp ladder dude! <3 keep it up
  4. great idea but I saw a post like this in midgard community. Good luck ! +1
  5. As we all know alternate sprite of 3rd jobs have errors on stylist custom palette. How can I make the stylist check if the player has already bodystyle so he can prohibit him from using cloth color stylist.
  6. Stolao's Daily Login Reward [v2.0B]

    How to exempt players on @autotrade / @afk?
  7. Mass Murder System(iro Pk Server)

    Anyone help me with this script? Or is it possible to make it a script?
  8. Stolao's Weapon Mastery [v1.29]

    okay, is it compatible to other emulators like herucles?
  9. Stolao's Weapon Mastery [v1.29]

    I tried it on the latest revision of rathena. July 11. No errors on the map server
  10. Stolao's Daily Login Reward [v2.0B]

    OH i see. Sorry i got the wrong folder.
  11. Stolao's Daily Login Reward [v2.0B]

    I got this prompt on the latest revision of daily reward, seems function insert plural is not on the file.
  12. Stolao's Weapon Mastery [v1.29]

    what? I mean just like this one, additional stats from safeguard not visible on alt + a?
  13. Stolao's Weapon Mastery [v1.29]

    awesome but is there any way to make the following bonuses show on alt + a(stat)
  14. Item link input

    Thank you OKUZ! <3
  15. Item link input

    Anyone can help on this item link script - script itemdescs -1,{ end; OnInit: bindatcmd "ii2",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; bindatcmd "itemdesc",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; OnAtcommand: mes "^3355FF[ Item Description Search ]^000000"; mes "Input item name:"; input [email protected]; mes "<ITEMLINK>"+getitemname([email protected])+"<INFO>"[email protected]+"</INFO></ITEMLINK>"; mes "Click on the name of the item above."; close; } script is not mine, ctto. I revised it and made it search the item using its item id. Now I want to make it more user friendly by replacing item id to name. User inputs the name of an item then it will show the corresponding list(s) of item with the same name. If the input is invalid / not in the database return Invalid input.