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Renewal ASPD(kRO Based) - Need Help

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kRO aspd formula

aspd = baseaspd + floor(sqrt((agi^2/2) + (dex^2/5))/4 + (potskillbonus*agi/200) + shieldpenalty)

basically I'm finish with this















now rA community I need more information on skills

currently here is the list of skills that needs information

Madness Canceller : +20??

Single Action

Shadow : +1 + 1 per level??

Stellar Protection

Impressive Riff

Slow Grace

Longing for Freedom

Steel Body : -25??

Eska : -25??

Gospel : -25??


Gravitational Field : -5 per level??

Joint Beat : -25(wrist) -10(knee)??

Fighting Spirit - Fixed value added?

Dance with warg

Gloomy Day : +15 + 5per level??

here are some skills I confirmed but still need to check

Adrenalin rush as caster : +7

Adrenalin rush as partymember : +6

Two-hand quicken : +7

One-hand quicken : +7

Spear quicken : +7

Frenzy : +15

Study : +2 per level

Flitting : +5??

Swing Dance : +20

Hallucination(delay) : -50%

Freezing : -30%

Paralysis : -10%

Body Painting : -20% + 5% per skill

Groomy : -20% + 10% per skill

Invisibility : -50% - 10% per level

Earth Drive : -25%

Concentration potion : +4

Awakening potion : +6

Berserk/EDP potion : +9

passive skills by percentage(not included in the formula but computed at the last or total)

Cavalier Mastery : 50% + 10% per level

Dragon Training : 50% + 10% per level

kRO ASPD Calculator : http://bit.ly/N6RGZ7

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nice - thanks malufet - can you also adjust the over bound skills - its too anoying in my server it do an over kill 150/50 rate w/ default stats

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What about ASPD potions?

I know concentrate potion is a rate aspd modifier : +5%

I'm leveling up @ kRO i'll give informations for Awakening & Berserk potions later

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sir how about the celemine juice and the jump/sparkling candy? hehe

last time i was try to make a scrip to the jump/sparkling candy but i'm not sure if the given aspd is true hehe itry it in pRo but not the same... i only done is the +20 foods haha

tska sir ung katar sa pRO no penalty sa aspd..

noob question

does pRo and kRo is the same or not? hehe

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actually pRO and kRO aspd are not the same pRO is using iRO aspd formula..^^

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Hi Simsimi, glad that you've worked for this formula. been looking for someone that can care of this RENEWAL system.



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I need information about the ASPD bonuses on skills..you can see the list of skills needed to be confirm/ or confirmation at main post...

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There is a beta diff, well people can try kRO aspd on rAthena

Credits to ReaM, brAthena and other sources i found

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@Ronaldo07 your diff need modification to run with rathena, there is compilation error, and not sure if job_db1.txt and job_db2.txt are right

But nice works

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Nice try Rolando07 /no1 ...

but as I see your patch it is not 100% compatible with rA and some parts are incomplete...

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so for this to be finished soon I'll be releasing two accounts for kRO access then an application for ASPD calculator for gathering the values..

I will only give the accounts to those are:

1. active in rAthena (100+ post and 0 warning)

2. have a good literacy about Ragnarok.

3. willing to give at least 2¬3 hrs to use the account and can adjust to the language of the game.

4. lastly can give us what information we need

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@GM Takumirai

do you have kRO account? if yes then do some test to gather missing values..for example the single action how many point/aspd factor does it gives....

here I modified doddler's aspd calculator that will help us to determined the missing values....

by manually setting the item/skill value and by trial and error until you find the exact value...

and if someone gets some info please do post here....thanks

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Sorry I only have IRO accounts and only a swordman lvl15 in kRO. I really want help but I only can provide you iRO information

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hmmm..what do you think is better if I commit the aspd system to rA..so you could test and would be comparing rA to kRO or using the calculator I stated above?

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yeah i agree malufett - if you can commit it , it will be easy also to compare the ASPD of it.. theres a bug tracker so we can report if what is not coded well.. thanks

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ok...I'll commit but...it is better to first not to post a bug report..it is better to post it here first specially the values missing..so that I can easily track the changes that will be done and avoid flooding the bugreport with repeated issues..but except if the system is faulty..^^

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