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Release: Hide announcements/broadcasts command @blockbc


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Hide announcements/broadcasts command @blockbc


This is a response from this post



  1. Basic knowledge how to apply diff on your server files.

How to use the command:

@blockbc <param>.


  • PARTY - block incoming broadcasts from party.
  • GUILD - block incoming broadcasts from guild.
  • BG - block incoming broadcasts from battleground.
  • CLAN - block incoming broadcasts from clan.
  • MAP - block all incoming broadcasts from the current map.
  • ALL - block all incoming broadcasts.

@unblockbc. - as per the command name suggest


  • This is tested on latest server files as of the day it was posted. May or may not work on older server files.
  • Keeping this up-to-date or vice-versa won't be my responsibility. Compatibility is your responsibility.
  • Use at your own risk.


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Can you do another that blocks announce script (like what on megaphone) and GM broadcast using @broacast?

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