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All Ranks problem


i have a problem with FluxCP 's basically rank's and customized rank's

No error but example:
I'm killed 113 MVP and i haven't any change on website, Same problem with all Ranks, Death, Zeny and more...
Anyone know why?
I'm setted ofcourse the servers.php.
I haven't any problem with Registration ) Only with Rank's (And Item / Mob Databases)

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3 hours ago, Kakaroto said:

it's impossible to tell what the problem is with your custom rankings without seeing the code used, tables.

It's not Custom ranking's... I can't use Base ranking's 
You can see on site : https://www.ussro-ro.com/
don't work and i don't understand why... I'm using Last Ver of Rathena and Last Ver of FluxCP

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Thank you So much 🙂  Sorry for this question but i don't remember what a Client Version use 2015-11-04 Ragexe in Clientinfo?


23 hours ago, Emistry said:


// Log MVP Monster Drops (Note 1)
// Outdated. Use Pick_Log instead. But this log could be useful to keep track slayed MVPs
log_mvpdrop: no


Not Work, All Top's don't show anything 😞

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