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  1. Thank you So much Sorry for this question but i don't remember what a Client Version use 2015-11-04 Ragexe in Clientinfo?
  2. It's not Custom ranking's... I can't use Base ranking's You can see on site : https://www.ussro-ro.com/ don't work and i don't understand why... I'm using Last Ver of Rathena and Last Ver of FluxCP
  3. i have a problem with FluxCP 's basically rank's and customized rank's No error but example: I'm killed 113 MVP and i haven't any change on website, Same problem with all Ranks, Death, Zeny and more... Anyone know why? I'm setted ofcourse the servers.php. I haven't any problem with Registration ) Only with Rank's (And Item / Mob Databases)
  4. I'm trying enchant my armor with classic Appertice Craftsman. He is chanted my armor but after the trade with player Chant loosed Can any one help me with this problem?
  5. If you call an Merchanery assistant (Bowmaster) (LanceMaster) (Swordmanster) Can not attack the target player. I can not use my skills. Sorry for my English... Please Help. Google don't know why i have this problem)
  6. Ranker first in top, they lvl 95 but bonus don't work hp,sp 100% is working all position is working But Enable all skills don't work This is CODE, Please help // Removes Taekwon Ranker skill bonus if ((sd->class_&MAPID_UPPERMASK) != MAPID_TAEKWON) { uint16 c_ = pc_class2idx(JOB_TAEKWON); for (i = 0; i < MAX_SKILL_TREE; i++) { uint16 sk_id = skill_tree[c_][i].skill_id; uint16 sk_idx = 0; if (!sk_id || !(sk_idx = skill_get_index(skill_tree[c_][i].skill_id))) continue; if (sd->status.skill[sk_idx].flag != SKILL_FLAG_PLAGIARIZED && sd->status.skill[sk_idx].flag != SKILL_FLAG_PERM_GRANTED) { if (sk_id == NV_BASIC || sk_id == NV_FIRSTAID || sk_id == WE_CALLBABY) continue; sd->status.skill[sk_idx].id = 0; } } } if( c > 0 && sd->status.skill_point == 0 && pc_is_taekwon_ranker(sd) ) { unsigned short skid = 0; /* Taekwon Ranker Bonus Skill Tree ============================================ - Grant All Taekwon Tree, but only as Bonus Skills in case they drop from ranking. - (c > 0) to avoid grant Novice Skill Tree in case of Skill Reset (need more logic) - (sd->status.skill_point == 0) to wait until all skill points are assigned to avoid problems with Job Change quest. */ for( i = 0; i < MAX_SKILL_TREE && (skid = skill_tree[c][i].skill_id) > 0; i++ ) { uint16 sk_idx = 0; if (!(sk_idx = skill_get_index(skid))) continue; if( (skill_get_inf2(skid)&(INF2_QUEST_SKILL|INF2_WEDDING_SKILL)) ) continue; //Do not include Quest/Wedding skills. if( sd->status.skill[sk_idx].id == 0 ) { sd->status.skill[sk_idx].id = skid; sd->status.skill[sk_idx].flag = SKILL_FLAG_TEMPORARY; // So it is not saved, and tagged as a "bonus" skill. } else if( skid != NV_BASIC ) sd->status.skill[sk_idx].flag = SKILL_FLAG_REPLACED_LV_0 + sd->status.skill[sk_idx].lv; // Remember original level sd->status.skill[sk_idx].lv = skill_tree_get_max(skid, sd->status.class_); } }
  7. Another Problem: I can not found in Updates this: : DB error - Unknown column 'unique_id' in 'field list' [Debug]: at ..\src\login\loginlog.c:94 - INSERT INTO `loginlog`(`time`,`ip`,`use r`,`rcode`, `unique_id`,`log`) VALUES (NOW(), '', 'login server', '100', '0', 'login server started')
  8. Sorry but i have one error more, Please help mee : DB error - Unknown column 'option_id0' in 'field list' [Debug]: at ..\src\char\int_auction.c:223 - SELECT `auction_id`,`seller_id`,`sel ler_name`,`buyer_id`,`buyer_name`,`price`,`buynow`,`hours`,`timestamp`,`nameid`, `item_name`,`type`,`refine`,`attribute`,`unique_id`,`card0`,`card1`,`card2`,`car d3`, `option_id0`, `option_val0`, `option_parm0`, `option_id1`, `option_val1`, ` option_parm1`, `option_id2`, `option_val2`, `option_parm2`, `option_id3`, `optio n_val3`, `option_parm3`, `option_id4`, `option_val4`, `option_parm4` FROM `aucti on` ORDER BY `auction_id` DESC [Status]: Finished Reading GeoIP Database. [Status]: Characters per Account: '0'. [Info]: Start checking DB integrity [SQL]: DB error - Unknown column 'hotkey_rowshift' in 'field list' [Debug]: at ..\src\char\char.c:2992 - SELECT `char_id`,`account_id`,`char_num`,` name`,`class`,`base_level`,`job_level`,`base_exp`,`job_exp`,`zeny`,`str`,`agi`,` vit`,`int`,`dex`,`luk`,`max_hp`,`hp`,`max_sp`,`sp`,`status_point`,`skill_point`, `option`,`karma`,`manner`,`party_id`,`guild_id`,`pet_id`,`homun_id`,`elemental_i d`,`hair`,`hair_color`,`clothes_color`,`weapon`,`shield`,`head_top`,`head_mid`,` head_bottom`,`robe`,`last_map`,`last_x`,`last_y`,`save_map`,`save_x`,`save_y`,`p artner_id`,`online`,`father`,`mother`,`child`,`fame`,`rename`,`delete_date`,`mov es`,`unban_time`,`font`,`sex`,`hotkey_rowshift` FROM `char` LIMIT 1; [Fatal Error]: char : A tables is missing in sql-server, please fix it, see (sql -files main.sql for structure)
  9. Please help to correct the error: : DB error - Unknown column 'vend_coin' in 'field list' [Debug]: at ..\src\map\vending.c:633 - SELECT `id`, `account_id`, `char_id`, `se x`, `title`, `body_direction`, `head_direction`, `sit`, `vend_coin` FROM `vendin gs` WHERE `autotrade` = 1 AND (SELECT COUNT(`vending_id`) FROM `vending_items` W HERE `vending_id` = `id`) > 0 ORDER BY `id`; CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `vendings` ( `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `account_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, `char_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL, `sex` enum('F','M') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'M', `map` varchar(20) NOT NULL, `x` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL, `y` smallint(5) unsigned NOT NULL, `title` varchar(80) NOT NULL, `body_direction` CHAR( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '4', `head_direction` CHAR( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `sit` CHAR( 1 ) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1', `autotrade` tinyint(4) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM;
  10. Please Tell me how to make so that one player takes no more than 3 answers for 1 round?
  11. I have rAthena... With Patch I have 10 errors and 13 Warning... After use Virtual studio...
  12. Ребят хотел сделать сталкеру плагиат всех скилов но в conf/battle/skill.conf не обнаружил нужных строчек (как в еатене) Покажите пожалуйста как в Ратена 46 ревизии поставить разрешение Сталкеру Плагиатить Все скилы а не только первых проф
  13. Вобщем он пишет тагда так за 0null 0 null Я выдам вам 0 null
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