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outdated Muscle Fool script?

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Regarding Muscle Fool item script, it was +1000 Def and later on updated to +200 vit instead.

and i saw the item_db.txt it is still +1000 def instead of Vit +200.

at RMS it is already Vit +200 

{ autobonus2 "{ bonus bVit,200; bonus2 bAddRace,RC_All,-50; bonus bMatkRate,-50; }",10,5000,BF_WEAPON,"{ specialeffect2 EF_GUARD3; }"; },{},{ heal 0,-300; }



Also the following items


4875,Bear's_Power,Bear's Power

4876,Runaway_Magic,Runaway Magic

4877,Speed_Of_Light,Speed of Light


4880,Lucky_Day,Lucky Day

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It's true that Muscle Fool item script has been changed several times. I don't follow all the kRO patch so I prefer to stick with our current data file which gives +1000 Def for now.

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oh i see, i just thought that it was followed according to kRO , so yeah, just trying to help..thank you for enlightment.

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1 hour ago, AyenPanda said:

i just thought that it was followed according to kRO

When did I say the opposite ? 🤔

The item script is just probably outdated.

Also note that RMS is not reliable, as we said it again and again on the forum.

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Don't use RMS for item information regarding renewal. They gave up a long time ago. Use divine-pride instead.

Frankly I don't even know if they have staff for that site or do anything with it except keep it up for ad revenue. It's a disgrace because it used to be a fantastic website.

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