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Mabuhay Script Collection [Updated~12/24/2019]

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Hi, so, I decided to compile all my releases here for easier view to those who wants to see my works.

Just click on the link to see its description. Enjoy and hope these would help!


Free Releases :

I am constantly checking both script request and script support. Whichever takes my interest, I will post and release here. If you have cool Event Ideas ( at least cool for me ), don't hesitate to drop me a DM. Or if you have an old event lying around needing some updates, I'd gladly take a look at it.


Showcase :

[Video] War Arena + Spectator mode



[Video] Punching Bag with Param Setter


Set your own punching bag parameter as desired to test your damage. This is a modification of Punching Bag from Secret with damage counter.



[Video] WoE : Longest Def Ranking + Reward


Longest Def Reward

  1. Rewards longest def guild
  2. Stores data by Castle, Guild and Date
  3. Gepard Reward Check
  4. WoE Ranker
    • can sort using castle or guild
    • only castle or guild with data will appear in the menu
  5. Can manually delete the records via npc
    • can be reset by castle
    • can be reset by date
    • can reset everything
  6. Added Agit Points Ranking System
    • Guild will earn +1 points for longest def
    • +2 points for castle owner


[Video] WoE : Time-based Participation Reward

  • Reward Participating players depending on their current play time during WoE
  • Idled players will have their timers paused until they moved once again
  • Added Gepard Reward Check
  • Easily configured




All of these showcased scripts are found here https://mabuhay-solution.com/product-category/npc-scripts/

There are also script videos found in my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfGxj9_ifGQoL_Ug0dtHYDg

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Added as of 18-01-2020:

  1. Euphy Woe Controller
  2. Emperium Breaker Ladder + Points + Shop
  3. @market clone update

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Is this for free ? Punching Bag with Param Setter

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for Longest Def Ranking is this Paid or Free?

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