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Item/Variable(Points) reward function for beginners or lazy! 1.0.0

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About This File

Hi, there! this functions is ideal for newbie scripters or just someone who wants to "add" or "modify" scripts with rewards. It may be item or variables such as points or stuff...

This function can also be used by experienced scripters who are lazy to code and stuff xD. Easy to use and all 🙂


Here are the sample npcs on how to use it. (included in the downloadable files)

// Sample NPC for using F_Reward_Item and F_Reward_Var
// For beginners.
prontera,150,180,0	script	F_Reward_Test	123,{
	mes "What do you want to get?";
	switch(select("Item","Points")) {
	case 1:	
	case 2: 
		F_Reward_Var("#CASHPOINTS","Cash Points",100); 
	mes "Enjoy!";

// This is just a pseudo-code, you can understand what I mean by this xD
// For advance scripters. You can do something like.
prontera,150,180,0	script	F_Reward_Test	123,{
	mes "get items";
	.itemlist$ = "501:10,502:5,503:10";


I hope this will help! Keep those upvotes coming to motivate me moooore 🙂 

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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