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Utility: Manage @alootid - @alootid2

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Manage @alootid - @alootid2


Due to the limitation of alootid that can only loot up to 10 items by default. (can change at /src/).

However players are always greedy, they want to loot almost everything, but not every items, so 10 slots can't fill their desires.

So this custom manager are introduced.

  • It help player to setup different combination of alootid settings. (Different hunting monster/maps could switch to different settings)
  • player no longer worry what their previous alootid settings was.
  • player can switch/save any settings whenever they want.
  • alootid settings could be auto loaded when they join the game.

* In short, just a macro to use to the alootid atcommand. To make it less confusing to player, disable the alootid and start using alootid2 instead.


Usage: @alootid2 list
Usage: @alootid2 load <#>
Usage: @alootid2 save <#> <item1> ... <item10>
Usage: @alootid2 set <#> name <name>
Usage: @alootid2 set <#> autoload <1/0>


chatbox: @alootid2 save 3 609 608 607
Usage: @alootid2 save <3> - save successfully.
chatbox: @alootid2 load 1
Your autolootitem list has been reset.
Autolooting item: 'Green_Herb'/'Green Herb' {511}
Autolooting item: 'Apple'/'Apple' {512}
Autolooting item: 'Banana'/'Banana' {513}
Autolooting item: 'Grape'/'Grape' {514}
Autolooting item: 'Carrot'/'Carrot' {515}
Usage: @alootid2 load <2> - loaded successfully.
chatbox: @alootid2 list
<1>  - 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510
<2>  - 511, 512, 513, 514, 515 (autoload upon login)
<3>  - 609, 608, 607
Usage: @alootid2 list - found 3 settings.





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