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(SOLVED!) Custom script not properly working if put more than 1 in input



Today Im just trying to make custom script.. When player input number, he will get the item..

It suppose to work like this :

1 Red Herb
1 Empty Bottle

Will get 1 Red Potion

So.. If they had 20 Red Herb and 19 Empty Bottle, they can input 1-19 for Red Potion.. But my current script only working when they input 1 only.. More than that, it will shows my Error message.. IDK which part I do wrong.. Please help me.. 


			set .@amountBottle, (countitem (713)); 		//Empty Bottle
			set .@amountHerb, (countitem (507));	//Red Herb

// Player input
input .@amountPotion;
			// 1st Error Message if Input is ZERO 
			if (.@amountPotion == 0) {
				mes "ERROR!";
			// 2nd Error if Input is larger than both item required
			if ((.@amountPotion) > ((.@amountBottle) || (.@amountHerb))){
				mes "ERROR! Input bigger than item amount!";

					// Player will get item if no problem but now stuck with 1 potion only, if input 2 or more will shows the 2nd error.
					delitem 507, .@amountPotion;
					delitem 713, .@amountPotion;
					getitem 	503,	.@amountPotion; // Yellow Potion

But if I removed the 2nd error line, it work perfectly.. But player able to get free item as server cannot delitem the required item and shows console error.. I tried use && and || but both shows same result.

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17 hours ago, Normynator said:

The if statement should look like this:

if ((.@amountPotion > .@amountBottle) || ([email protected] > .@amountHerb))



Thank you! Finally solved my hours of problem.. /no1 

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