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  1. Hello, Today Im just trying to make custom script.. When player input number, he will get the item.. It suppose to work like this : 1 Red Herb 1 Empty Bottle Will get 1 Red Potion So.. If they had 20 Red Herb and 19 Empty Bottle, they can input 1-19 for Red Potion.. But my current script only working when they input 1 only.. More than that, it will shows my Error message.. IDK which part I do wrong.. Please help me.. set [email protected], (countitem (713)); //Empty Bottle set [email protected], (countitem (507)); //Red Herb // Player input input [email protected]; // 1st Error Message if Input is ZERO if ([email protected] == 0) { mes "ERROR!"; close2; end; } // 2nd Error if Input is larger than both item required if (([email protected]) > (([email protected]) || ([email protected]))){ mes "ERROR! Input bigger than item amount!"; close2; end; } // Player will get item if no problem but now stuck with 1 potion only, if input 2 or more will shows the 2nd error. delitem 507, [email protected]; delitem 713, [email protected]; close2; getitem 503, [email protected]; // Yellow Potion end; But if I removed the 2nd error line, it work perfectly.. But player able to get free item as server cannot delitem the required item and shows console error.. I tried use && and || but both shows same result.
  2. Hello, How to fix this issue? I click X icon on Char Selection Screen and the client crash.. tried use nemo with this setting and still same problem... So.. Which part do I need to fix? Thank you in Advance~ EDIT / UPDATE: "X" button when we Create Char no problem.. It just close the char creation.. Just with char selection crash.. EDIT 2 : Finally solved it!! 1. Thanks @Functor for pinpoint me new NEMO release.. Last time I active in rAthena just have Secretz Nemo version.. I don't notice there are new version.. Thanks! 2. Thanks to @KaAlfredPri for giving his patch list.. Last time I tried use all recommend setting but when run the client it shows not the newest version like that error.. Then I use his list and I work! Thank you guys!
  3. Is it just me or something wrong with my rAthena configuration? Player when change 3rd job with job master will automatically changed alternate sprite.. It override the default one.. Anyone ever experience this?
  4. OK thanks.. Got it.. I deleted line something similar like below.. { "prontera", 154, 187, 0, IT_BMP, "À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\\information\\over_guide.bmp" },
  5. I use grf already.. BTW what is the filename to edit though? Thanks..
  6. Hello, I already edited the towninfo.lub and removed the guide npc.. But how to delete or removed the icon? Thank You.
  7. Thanks.. For 1st problem solved when I use exact client date and recompile.. But for 2nd problem.. Maybe rAthena not support the client packet yet.. So I will try again but with earlier date.. Thanks for replying..
  8. Hello guys, How to fix this? New fresh server with 2017 client but got this error.. What is this exactly? Create new char.. Then crash.. Relogin again.. Got this error.. And also.. Can you guys please guide me how to make 2018 client connect with rAthena server? Tried with 2018 client but it does not reading clientinfo.xml.. Keep said disconnect message..
  9. Hello guys, I want to confirm.. Do we can do this thing on rAthena? 1. Player eat apple (example item) 2. Player will get 10% EXP for 10 mins and shows the remaining time at buff/status on right screen. I think I saw something like this before.. After searching doc script_commands.. Found something like this : Status_icon: See "Status Icon" section in 'src/map/script_constants.h'. Default is SI_BLANK (-1). Example: // Apple gives you +5 Str bonus for 1 minute when it's consumed. 512,Apple,Apple,0,15,,20,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ bonus_script "{ bonus bStr,5; }",60; },{},{} How can I use like example Vitata 500 status icon? 12436,Vitata500,Vitata 500,0,10,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ sc_start2 SC_VITATA_500,500000,20,5; itemheal 0,200; },{},{} on scripts_constants.hpp : export_constant(SC_VITATA_500); Thank you in advance..
  10. Hello, I want to make bug report. 1. Is it normal sometime the round keep restart if solo enter? 2. If enter solo, sometime script stuck.. Not usually.. About 1 every 10 entry? Maybe team separation bug? Because my player reported they don't have any issue when the played with party.. Thank You!
  11. Hello, I want to make bug report. 1. When Party leader generate the instance, only him warp into the instance. 2. After leader warp into instance, party member still at the tree. When they click the NPC, the NPC will only shows Cooling Down Message not options to enter the dungeon like usually do. 3. After in the room.. Sometime the warps appear and warp at the middle also appear (warp into Final boss), and when player who first time enter, they stuck in the map. Hope you can fix it.. Thank you.
  12. Hello Guys~ What is your best Ragnarok moments? And please share which year and RO episode of that time.. /gg
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