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  1. Is it just me or something wrong with my rAthena configuration? Player when change 3rd job with job master will automatically changed alternate sprite.. It override the default one.. Anyone ever experience this?
  2. OK thanks.. Got it.. I deleted line something similar like below.. { "prontera", 154, 187, 0, IT_BMP, "À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º\\information\\over_guide.bmp" },
  3. I use grf already.. BTW what is the filename to edit though? Thanks..
  4. Hello, I already edited the towninfo.lub and removed the guide npc.. But how to delete or removed the icon? Thank You.
  5. Thanks.. For 1st problem solved when I use exact client date and recompile.. But for 2nd problem.. Maybe rAthena not support the client packet yet.. So I will try again but with earlier date.. Thanks for replying..
  6. Hello guys, How to fix this? New fresh server with 2017 client but got this error.. What is this exactly? Create new char.. Then crash.. Relogin again.. Got this error.. And also.. Can you guys please guide me how to make 2018 client connect with rAthena server? Tried with 2018 client but it does not reading clientinfo.xml.. Keep said disconnect message..
  7. Hello guys, I want to confirm.. Do we can do this thing on rAthena? 1. Player eat apple (example item) 2. Player will get 10% EXP for 10 mins and shows the remaining time at buff/status on right screen. I think I saw something like this before.. After searching doc script_commands.. Found something like this : Status_icon: See "Status Icon" section in 'src/map/script_constants.h'. Default is SI_BLANK (-1). Example: // Apple gives you +5 Str bonus for 1 minute when it's consumed. 512,Apple,Apple,0,15,,20,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ bonus_script "{ bonus bStr,5; }",60; },{},{} How can I use like example Vitata 500 status icon? 12436,Vitata500,Vitata 500,0,10,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ sc_start2 SC_VITATA_500,500000,20,5; itemheal 0,200; },{},{} on scripts_constants.hpp : export_constant(SC_VITATA_500); Thank you in advance..
  8. Hello, I want to make bug report. 1. Is it normal sometime the round keep restart if solo enter? 2. If enter solo, sometime script stuck.. Not usually.. About 1 every 10 entry? Maybe team separation bug? Because my player reported they don't have any issue when the played with party.. Thank You!
  9. Hello, I want to make bug report. 1. When Party leader generate the instance, only him warp into the instance. 2. After leader warp into instance, party member still at the tree. When they click the NPC, the NPC will only shows Cooling Down Message not options to enter the dungeon like usually do. 3. After in the room.. Sometime the warps appear and warp at the middle also appear (warp into Final boss), and when player who first time enter, they stuck in the map. Hope you can fix it.. Thank you.
  10. rakuzas

    Best Ragnarok Moments?

    Hello Guys~ What is your best Ragnarok moments? And please share which year and RO episode of that time.. /gg
  11. I will test it tomorrow night as my tester only available at night.. I will update again tomorrow.. And.. Where can I learn this array script? I not very use to this method and not understand much.. And again, Thanks.. I will update tomorrow night..
  12. Hello, Below is my scripts but not sure if it broken or not.. Last time, It does not lock player mac address (unique_ID).. So player can keep spamming claim the reward.. I tested it working for my PC and It does block mine.. But other players can spam it without any limitations at all.. Please help me recheck this script.. And please tell me which part I messed up.. Thank in Advance.. prontera,187,149,5 script New Year Giveaway 965,{ // MAC Address query_sql("SELECT `last_unique_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = "+getcharid(3)+" ",.macID$); // IP Address query_sql("SELECT `last_ip` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = "+getcharid(3)+" ",.IP$); //if (.IP$ == $Mac_Claimed_WBR$){ //mes "[Sarah]"; //mes "You already claimed!!"; //close; //} if (.macID$ == $Mac_Claimed$){ mes "[ King William ]"; mes "You already claimed!"; close; } mes "[ King William ]"; mes "Happy New Year 2018!!"; query_sql("SELECT `last_unique_id` FROM `login` WHERE `account_id` = "+getcharid(3)+" ",$Mac_Claimed$); close2; getitem 12326,50; // Large Firecracker getitem 41290,5; // Mysterious Fragment set #DPOINTS,#DPOINTS +10; dispbottom "Congratulations! You've earned 10 Donation Points!"; }
  13. Ok.. So the only method is : 1. Player need to turn his pet into egg before proceed. 2. NPC will delete his egg using delitem. 3. NPC will give player item using getitem. Ok thanks.. Just wondering is it possible.. Its ok if not possible.. Haha..
  14. Hello, As the title, how can I force pet turn into egg? And then delete the egg? Like example : 1. Player talk to this npc.. then this NPC will turn his pet into egg. 2. After turn the pet into egg, npc will delete his egg and giving the item as reward or give other egg as reward. Is it possible by the way? Trying googling around and read script_commands.txt not found anything related like this.. Thank you in advance~
  15. EDITED : Just want to share.. This script does not working together with Euphy's WoE Controller.. If I use only normal agit script, this script works and hide all npc like it suppose to work.. But if I use normal agit and Euphy's WoE Controller (even with no castle added), this script will not hide all npc.. So, I think while waiting.. We can only use normal agit script and edit manually for WoE:SE.. Hope new update can release soon.. Thank you.