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HP cap on updated rathena


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On 12/13/2018 at 10:58 PM, AinsLord said:

will it exceed to 20m?

does the value look like exceed 20m to you? 


// Maximum HPs depending on base level. Default values are:
// Lv 99:  330000
// Lv150:  660000
// Lv175: 1100000
max_hp_lv99: 330000
max_hp_lv150: 660000
max_hp: 1100000

its 1.1m and its way better you take a look at the answer/hints that provided by other member rather than just keep asking for spoonfeeding. lol


beside, max hp/sp cap was never 20m, unless you meant the value for 2.1b


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Posted (edited)

im just asking coz i played a SHR server which has 20m max HP cap and 1m SP cap

im aware of those numbers that its the default HP/SP cap

thnx i already figure this one out 🙂


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