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Transform into a monster when receiving or dealing damage.


I'm trying to add a custom headgear (poring hat costume) that will transform your character into a poring for 5 seconds when dealing or receiving physical damage. I looked up items with same effects but i don't understand since it's too long. Help please thank you.

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you mean ?

*transform <monster ID>,<duration>{,<sc type>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>};
*transform "<monster name>",<duration>{,<sc type>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>};
*active_transform <monster ID>,<duration>{,<sc type>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>};
*active_transform "<monster name>",<duration>{,<sc type>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>};

This command will turn a player into a monster for a given duration and can grant
a SC attribute effect while transformed. Note that players cannot be transformed
during War of Emperium or if already disguised.
Can only be removed when you die or the duration ends.

'transform' and 'active_transform' can stack on each other but using 'transform' or
'active_transform' twice will not stack (it will cancel the previous bonus for the new).
'active_transform' will take priority over transform for its duration.


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