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Keeping Your rAthena Account Secure

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The latest upgrade of IPS has been installed and with it comes the ability to add Two-Factor Authentication to your account.

To enable, you must first have Google Authenticator on your smart phone [Android][iOS]. You can then setup 2FA by navigating to your Account Settings


Once the Account Settings page has loaded, select "Account Security" and enter your forum password.


You will then follow on-screen instructions to setup 2FA.

If you have 2FA enabled on your forum account, you will need to authenticate when attempting to perform any of the following activities:

  • Changing email address (also need to re-enter password)
  • Changing password (also need to re-enter current password)
  • Updating two-factor authentication setup (also need to re-enter password)
  • Logging into the front-end (This does not apply if the user is logged in automatically because they have used the Remember Me checkbox)
  • Managing PayPal billing agreements
  • Editing personal billing information
  • Managing addresses
  • Managing alternative contacts
  • Managing stored cards
  • Viewing, withdrawing or topping up account credit

After 3 failed attempts, the account will be locked for 60 minutes.

A number of staff are already using Google Authenticator for their Github account, and now for their rAthena Forum account to keep them secure.

If you begin to use this and encounter problems, please let me know as soon as possible.

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