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Because the downloads section seems to still be being a sack of poop, I am going to post my sprites here.
I am currently going through and making sure the sprites work 100%, and also adding itemInfo.lua's for those who need them (for my headbands, you can use the file to save your fingers by just making modifications to my script, or it's just there as a reminder to edit those files). Here are the sprites that have passed testing and have their itemInfo.lua's. If you are using a newer client (say 2013-08-07) you won't need to use the idnum2-whatever files, you will just need to do itemInfo.lua, accname.lua, and accessoryid.lua. I have still included the other files though for any older clients.


Wolf Ears Changelog


  • 1.3/5-13-16 - Last tweak I promise, just wanted to make sure everything works good. :)
  • 1.2/5-12-16 - Added itemInfo.lua for new clients.
  • 1.1 - Changed sprite so it looks better. I can't remember all that I did, but I know major changes are the side view and possibly rear view.
  • 12/28/2011 - Er, rezipped and reuploaded, because previous zip ruined the ASCII.

Wolf Ears






Wolf Ears Recolored






Naruto Headbands Changelog


  • 5/13/2016 - Fixed .act problems with female regular headband and recolored version. Also found two errors in accname.lua. Added itemInfo.lua.
  • 1.3 - Added more missing sprites/drop sprites.
  • 1.2 - A sprite and some .act's reported missing, also noticed a glitch in which some frames were grabbing the color from the wrong part of the palette and fixed that.
  • 1.1 - Tweaked .act a little bit (realized the headband was a little "off" in some frames).


Warning: Without recolors this will add 72 items to your server with recolors is a total of 180 (original release included in number). I have added files to make it less painful to add them but if you would like to modify, just be aware of this.


Naruto Headbands




(Also has combination of nukenin and shippuden versions)







Hokage Hat Changelog


  • 5/16/2016 - Found problem in item_db/SQL scripts, fixed.
  • 5/15/2016 - Fixed problem with Kokorokage description (string was reading ^_~ and messing up the hexadecimal color change, had to cancel it out).
  • 5/14/16 - Fixed item drop bmp. Was not 8bit.


Hokage Hat










Tobi Mask






(No recolors unless requested, didn't think it would be desired.)


Hunter Nin Mask






(Recolors to come, may fiddle with shading.)


Realistic/ Friendly Wolf


The idea behind this sprite was that the wolf sprite was extremely aggressive looking and horribly exaggerated. I wanted something a little more realistic. Some people think this is a "friendly" looking wolf, to me this is just realistic. The wolf will pant when running around, it listens to its surroundings, actually has a tail (I mean, unless it is part bobcat...), and has black eye rims and lips (though this gives a "cute" appearance in-game, this is just a feature of wolves). One frame even had the legs spaced so far apart as to give the wolf the appearance of being barrel chested, when wolves are the exact opposite. I would like to, sometime in the future, also create other wolf coloration's for this sprite (coat colors of subspecies and such), but that will come later.


Anywho, here you are. Enjoy. Replace the actual mob with it, or make it a pet, it's up to you. :)




(Animation speed varies slightly in-game.)




~ 8/6/2016 - I am done spriting for now, taking a little break to work on my server. :)  ~

Edited by Wolfeh
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I like the colour :o 

thanks for release !

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You're welcome, and not at all! Mirrors are very welcome! :) Just be sure to post it as a free upload. ;) And just don't be this guy. (I couldn't resist.)

Edited by Wolfeh

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You're welcome, and not at all! Mirrors are very welcome! :) Just be sure to post it as a free upload. ;)

Haha thanks! Of course. I have to follow my own rules :P

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Realistic/friendly wolf is finally done. Didn't think I would ever finish it, lol. (I'm so picky. :()

Edited by Wolfeh

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