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Community Answers

  1. You need this, to work palettes of kamishi.
  2. This name color mod belongs to Functor, he sells it, talk to him.
  3. Paid clients 2022-12-xx above.
  4. isso. o bind_ip se usa somente quando vc tem 2 ou mais servidores e quer compartilhar o mesmo IP entre eles.
  5. NoBank https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/7773
  6. Para ajudar melhor. poderia ter pesquisado no Youtube, teria a solução fácil.
  7. bind_ip não! deixe comentado // e não precisa recompilar novamente. Só é preciso recompilar o emulador quando se meche em algo dentro da pasta "src/" fora isso não precisa recompilar. para seu amigo se conectar ao seu servidor, ele tem q entrar no seu canal do Radmin VPN também.
  8. vc esqueceu de descomentar // o char_ip: map_ip: e login_ip: e deve colocar o IP neles tbm.
  9. not yet implemented in rA as packets for new client version 2020+. @Lemongrass maybe post later in the year.
  10. 1>D:\rAthena\src\custom\script.inc(3012,31): error C2440: 'initializing': unable to convert from 'std::shared_ptr<datatype>' to 'item_data *' 1> with 1> [ 1> datatype=item_data 1> ]
  11. @Tero Hmm. I implemented it today to test. and I noticed that it is consuming 2 embryo to create 1 homunculus. and the embryo selection window does not close when choosing the embryo. Cliente_LNIqTvKO82.mp4
  12. Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone. I'll even use it too. Just to let you know that in skill.cpp this line you asked to look for is different, there are more things. case AM_CALLHOMUN: //[orn] if (sd && !hom_call(sd)) clif_skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); break; in lasted rA: case AM_CALLHOMUN: //[orn] if (sd && !hom_call(sd)) clif_skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); #ifdef RENEWAL else if (sd && hom_is_active(sd->hd)) skill_area_temp[0] = 1; // Already passed pre-cast checks #endif break; It would be good to update your post with the fix.
  13. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/atcommands.txt#L1811 If you read the command you would know that it only works on channels.
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