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  1. so far, semua tools utama working fine dalam windows 11. tapi kalau menggunakan tools yang sudah sangat lama(old), terkadang ada compatibility issue dengan TPM 2.0 . but, mudah sahaja buat resolve problem tersebut, boleh guna right click > properties > run compatibility. should be fixed old program issue. Basically, if dalam windows 10 runs OK, then dalam windows 11 pun should be OK pula.
  2. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/custom/barters.yml you need to understand this barter shop system workflow. this is an example to the first item on your picture , NPC located on prontera,156,183 and selling holy water and cursed water for 1 bloody coins : Body: - Name: Barter Shop Map: prontera X: 156 Y: 183 Direction: South Sprite: 2_F_SIGN1 Items: - Index: 0 Item: Holy_Water RequiredItems: - Index: 0 Item: Bloody_Coin Amount: 1 - Index: 1 Item: Water_Of_Darkness RequiredItems: - Index: 0 Item: Bloody_Coin Amount: 1 Result Picture :
  3. login screen data is belong to this directory : the file should look like this
  4. humm, i use ESET NOD32(Paid License) and not detect anything. i mean im sure its 100% safe. but it's up to you then
  5. maybe this one is helping you. i didnt know the author for sure, but i have it and always use it for my own project or other people project like a decade now. credit to the author. ROLSG[1024x768].exe
  6. i think in the costum npc has not added yet for now. because, even the official vendor ammo shop on major city is still on progress on this PR Pull: 6550 . but it's just partially tho , the best way is always add it on by yourself for now i think.
  7. you must to know, on Infinity Space Instance theres a high level poring. so i assume you have spawned the wrong Poring (3384). so, if you use this command it's should give you the correct Poring (1002) : @monster 1002 The same for Fabre. theres two fabre (3386) MIN_FABRE and (1007) Fabre. Just use the Monster ID Instead to spawn them.
  8. maybe because you want to display [email protected] variable in that mes , in that case you can try to do it like this : - script login -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: mes "hello"; input [email protected]; mes " "[email protected]+" "; close; }
  9. just go ahead to ./src/custom/defines_post.hpp , and put this 2 line before the last line of the file. recompile. #undef PACKET_OBFUSCATION #undef PACKET_OBFUSCATION_WARN
  10. this is kinda hilarious, you just need to put the monster id in the view data. as far of my understanding, this won't work, because we store the variable data inside the NPC script it self, which is writed after the open bracket and view data isn't part of the NPC Script. unless you create NPC to store the global variable data ($variable) and using it the way you do. but, i never tested it my self. Ex: - script variable#test -1,{ OnInit: $mobspawn = 1002; end; } prontera,155,155,3 script Test $mobspawn,{ mes "Hello World!"; close; } maybe this won't work either xD but hope you get my point. CMIIW.
  11. Infinite Dream RO, We are looking for any Game Master and Event Master Available for duty. Well, this project kinda build up by my self and my partner. and for past couple month, it's been growing and expanding nicely. as it's for now, we need more Game Master to handle our player needs, PM me On rAthena forums or find me on Discord. Regards, idRO Teams.
  12. Not Possible. First, you need to know how ASPD Calculation works. refer to this Link or this Video . What im trying to say, Max ASPD for ragnarok is only 199, the game couldn't handle it if over 199. because based on calculation of ASPD works, if you have 200aspd = Infinite Attack/Second. which is impossible.
  13. There's no corelation in which platform you diffing, i alreadyuse nemo in my server about 1 years, and everything just fine but if your nemo didn't up-to-date then it may cause this problem. make sure update your nemo with certain period of time if you server building regularly.
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