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  1. does this work on latest rathena who uses itemdb.yml isntead of text ? im getting the error on the item "IInvalid item equip location as it has no equip location, defaulting to IT_ETC"
  2. if([email protected] == -1) { mes "You are not holding anything in your hand."; close; } else if([email protected]){ mes "Your item can't be enchanted."; close; } else if(getequiprandomoption(EQI_HAND_R,0,ROA_ID == 0)){ mes "Your weapon dont have enchantment!"; close; } else if(getequiprandomoption(EQI_HAND_R,0,ROA_ID)){ goto DISENCHANT; close; } DISENCHANT: mes "Do you want to disenchant your " + getitemname([email protected]) + "?"; next; if(select("Yes, proceed.") == 1){ mes "[Enchanter]"; mes "Disenchanting Weapon"; progressbar "#00FF00",1; next; [email protected] = EQI_HAND_R; [email protected]_id = getequipid([email protected]); [email protected] = getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < 4; [email protected]++) [email protected][[email protected]] = getequipcardid([email protected], [email protected]); delequip [email protected]; getitem2 [email protected]_id, 1, 1,[email protected],0,[email protected][0],[email protected][1],[email protected][2],[email protected][3]; mes "[Enchanter]"; mes "Done removing enchantment"; close; } close; } the script works fine except for this line } else if(getequiprandomoption(EQI_HAND_R,0,ROA_ID == 0)){ mes "Your weapon dont have enchantment!"; close; idk what to do to make the npc check the item if it dont have any enchantment then it will say that message. Thanks in advance guys
  3. @Emistry how to add check on this to make it not process disenchantment when the item is not enchanted ? also sorry for bringing up old topics
  4. anyone know how to replace for example ( elunium, enriched elunium) into a custom ore on the new refine ui ? cant seem to find it
  5. why i cant wear the custom headgears im making but i can wear custom weapons ? they got like all job restriction and equiplevelmin 1. i even copied appel o archers itemscript and still cant wear the custom headgear.
  6. the first one is for Poring, when you have no designated pet food item "Apple Juice" it will indicate it like that, but on the second one, its a custom Pet , and it doesnt get a text message like the poring one. Im sure ive included the pet food item for it in the petinfo.lub
  7. Is there a way to force close all gstorage via command ? we cant fidn a way to fix the bug when someone's gstorage is opened then the player vended and did the @autotrade command. Itll bug the gstorage, and when it got bugged the other member of the guild cant open the gstorage anymore, unless the server restarts. I hope someone new a way to fix this problem
  8. is it possible to just make a seperate script in which we could call for its mobid when killed ? for eg. evrytime mobid: 1140 is killed ( Marduk ) it will announce ?
  9. Sorry i forgot, but here it is. It comes with MvP points acquisition OnNPCKillEvent: if (getgmlevel() >= .gm ) end; // If gm = event wont happen if ( getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_MVPEXP )) { for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.t_maps$); [email protected]++) { if ( strcharinfo(3) == .t_maps$[[email protected]]) { if ( getcharid(1) ) { getpartymember getcharid(1), 1; getpartymember getcharid(1), 2; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++ ) { if ( isloggedin( [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]] ) ) { [email protected][[email protected]] = [email protected][[email protected]]; [email protected]++; } } if (rand(100) < .chance) getitem .p_rwd[0], .p_rwd[1], [email protected][ rand( [email protected] ) ]; announce "["+ strcharinfo(0) +"] of party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has killed "+ getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_NAME ), bc_all; } else { if (rand(100) < .chance) getitem .s_rwd[0], .s_rwd[1]; announce "["+ strcharinfo(0) +"] has killed "+ getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_NAME ), bc_all; } MVPKills = MVPKills+1; dispbottom "---------------------------------------------------"; dispbottom "You killed a total of "+MVPKills+" MVP"+((MVPKills == 1)?"":"s")+"."; #mvp_points++; dispbottom "You've gained one point! Your total is ["+#mvp_points+"] MvP point(s)."; dispbottom "---------------------------------------------------"; end; } } if ( strcharinfo(3) == .t_maps$[[email protected]]) { if ( getcharid(1) ) { announce "["+ strcharinfo(0) +"] of party ["+ strcharinfo(1) +"] has killed "+ getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_NAME ), bc_all; } else { announce "["+ strcharinfo(0) +"] has killed "+ getmonsterinfo( killedrid, MOB_NAME ), bc_all; }} end; } }
  10. Hi, i jsut realized that when you kill MvP which is summoned via script like lhz3 boss, MvP announcers found in Rathena dont announce its killing event. Is there any other work around here ? Like for example a scrip in which it announce when i killed something via their mob ID ?
  11. sorry for bumping old topic, but where do I edit the lines thats being announced ? eg. Citizens of Midgard, Lady Luck blah blah
  12. very helpful and super nice when you ask questions/help.
  13. Ruhn

    Changing Theme

    we change it already the main bg of character making, but the thing above and below it. remained unchanged mate. On the screenshot i provide d thats currently on my client.
  14. Any of you guys where to locate this files ? We were trying to customized our client . We manage to change some but not this. Make new character bmp has some parts which we cant locate. On the other hand, the select server is entirely unchangable. win_service.bmp doesnt change it
  15. Great antihack and src modification ever !
  16. What could be the reason of crit effect not showing? Damage are increased when doign crit hits its just the red balloon dont show. This only applies on monsters, any monsters I hit dont have crit balloons while on player it has. Is this a client side problem ? I cant seem to find the solution for it Im using 20150916 Client
  17. sorry for the bump. why its only working on magic damage ?
  18. thanks. but how can you make High priestest card dispell not ignore the gtb ?
  19. is there a way to fix in src to make tarot card not bypass gtb. in our files, when you wear gtb you still get effects from tarot card. is there a way to make tarot card not bypass gtb effect ?
  20. Where can i find the code to edit SBK int part damge ? In my server the sbk is stronger in Str build than Int build. Iwish it to be stronger in Int build Thank you guys.
  21. hi mate have you found that wing ? im looking for that too
  22. can i have those sprites please :D and also if you have this mid aura thingy too thanks a lot guys
  23. have you fix your issue ? im having the same problem
  24. hi the chesire tail has problem like this.
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