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  1. I want to know how can i have this kind daily login attendance system?
  2. Hello I would like to have this option how can i do this? noob here... Thanks in advance ^_^
  3. Hello, I am requesting of VIP Healer... I would like to have like this in my buffs - Buff All Status Service + 10 - Buff lvl 10 (Agi/Blessing) - Buff lvl 10 Kyrie Eleison - Buff Exp / Job Exp + 10% service when defeating monsters. (Can be used in conjunction with manual items to increase experience.) - Buff Drops Rate + 20% (Can be used with Bubble Gum) - Buff service reduces physical and magic damage by 3% Please help me, Thanks in advance...
  4. Hello good day ! I would like to know where can i find this button? and where can i change its direct link when click... Thanks in advance ^_^ Fixed !
  5. Do you know how will i resolve this?
  6. Hello Download this for you soul link modf. for easy config.
  7. Hi, I am new here @rAthena, I would like to have a script wherein @goguildbase - Dialog appears, then you can rent a guild base there using Donation Ticket or Proof Of Donation (7179) and only that guild can go there ... 7 Days Rental Just like the MVP_Room.txt Here is my script working on... - script atcmd_goguildbase -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "goguildbase",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; OnAtcommand: mes "[System]"; select(switch("Rent Base 1:Rent Base 2:Rent Base 3")) { case 1: warp "guild_base",0,0; end; case 2: warp "guild_base",0,0; end; case 3: warp "guild_base",0,0; end; } } Help me thanks in advance.
  8. I I have here yellow lines which is I don't know why I have this? Thanks in advance for helping me ...
  9. more details please
  10. Hello, this doesn't work anymore with the latest git
  11. this must be in the Source Section but anyways, I am here to help Find in the skill.cpp //Special message when trying to use strip on FCP [Jobbie] if( sd && skill_id == ST_FULLSTRIP && tsc && tsc->data[SC_CP_WEAPON] && tsc->data[SC_CP_HELM] && tsc->data[SC_CP_ARMOR] && tsc->data[SC_CP_SHIELD]) { clif_gospel_info(sd, 0x28); break; } Add this after: if ( sd && tsc && sd->sc.data[SC_SPIRIT] && sd->sc.data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_ROGUE && rand()%100 < 10 && ( skill_id == RG_STRIPWEAPON && tsc->data[SC_CP_WEAPON] || skill_id == RG_STRIPSHIELD && tsc->data[SC_CP_SHIELD] || skill_id == RG_STRIPARMOR && tsc->data[SC_CP_ARMOR] || skill_id == RG_STRIPHELM && tsc->data[SC_CP_HELM] ) ) { int item_id = 7139; // Glistening Coat int ii; ARR_FIND( 0, MAX_INVENTORY, ii, sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[ii].nameid == item_id ); if ( ii < MAX_INVENTORY ) { pc_delitem( sd, ii, 1, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME); switch ( skill_id ) { case RG_STRIPWEAPON: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_WEAPON, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPWEAPON,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPSHIELD: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_SHIELD, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPSHIELD,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPARMOR: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_ARMOR, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPARMOR,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPHELM: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_HELM, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPHELM,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; } clif_skill_nodamage( src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, i ); break; } } Let me know If I got this correct
  12. player will get delay when: attacking receiving damage If player got delay, he must wait for using @warp using @go get recalled by @recall get recalled by guild skill, EMERGENCY CALL this is a global delay when hit ...
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