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  1. Do you know how will i resolve this?
  2. Hello Download this for you soul link modf. for easy config.
  3. Hi, I am new here @rAthena, I would like to have a script wherein @goguildbase - Dialog appears, then you can rent a guild base there using Donation Ticket or Proof Of Donation (7179) and only that guild can go there ... 7 Days Rental Just like the MVP_Room.txt Here is my script working on... - script atcmd_goguildbase -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "goguildbase",strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnAtcommand"; end; OnAtcommand: mes "[System]"; select(switch("Rent Base 1:Rent Base 2:Rent Base 3")) { case 1: warp "guild_base",0,0; end; case 2: warp "guild_base",0,0; end; case 3: warp "guild_base",0,0; end; } } Help me thanks in advance.
  4. I I have here yellow lines which is I don't know why I have this? Thanks in advance for helping me ...
  5. Hello, this doesn't work anymore with the latest git
  6. this must be in the Source Section but anyways, I am here to help Find in the skill.cpp //Special message when trying to use strip on FCP [Jobbie] if( sd && skill_id == ST_FULLSTRIP && tsc && tsc->data[SC_CP_WEAPON] && tsc->data[SC_CP_HELM] && tsc->data[SC_CP_ARMOR] && tsc->data[SC_CP_SHIELD]) { clif_gospel_info(sd, 0x28); break; } Add this after: if ( sd && tsc && sd->[SC_SPIRIT] && sd->[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_ROGUE && rand()%100 < 10 && ( skill_id == RG_STRIPWEAPON && tsc->data[SC_CP_WEAPON] || skill_id == RG_STRIPSHIELD && tsc->data[SC_CP_SHIELD] || skill_id == RG_STRIPARMOR && tsc->data[SC_CP_ARMOR] || skill_id == RG_STRIPHELM && tsc->data[SC_CP_HELM] ) ) { int item_id = 7139; // Glistening Coat int ii; ARR_FIND( 0, MAX_INVENTORY, ii, sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[ii].nameid == item_id ); if ( ii < MAX_INVENTORY ) { pc_delitem( sd, ii, 1, 0, 0, LOG_TYPE_CONSUME); switch ( skill_id ) { case RG_STRIPWEAPON: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_WEAPON, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPWEAPON,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPSHIELD: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_SHIELD, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPSHIELD,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPARMOR: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_ARMOR, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPARMOR,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; case RG_STRIPHELM: status_change_end( bl, SC_CP_HELM, INVALID_TIMER ); sc_start(NULL,bl,SC_STRIPHELM,100,skill_lv,skill_get_time(skill_id,skill_lv)); break; } clif_skill_nodamage( src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv, i ); break; } } Let me know If I got this correct
  7. player will get delay when: attacking receiving damage If player got delay, he must wait for using @warp using @go get recalled by @recall get recalled by guild skill, EMERGENCY CALL this is a global delay when hit ...
  8. where can i download it? hehe
  9. Hello @Mabuhay I have a problem, I just wanted the part when the player hit me will have the delay. where I can re-edit that function?
  10. Vale


    does this work in latest git?
  11. GameMaster 3 is already Level 4 In that case it should be Event Manager but it doesn't change
  12. Hi, Good day I have this problem in I wanted only when players hit me this delay occurs But in this case, even if i've been attacked by Mobs or I skill the delay occurs Sorry for my bad english Thanks in advance, Hope you can help me