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  1. sakin din po may delay kapag gumagamit ng skill, baka po ma help nyo kami na gawing delay lang sya kapag na hihit ng player, hindi ng monster at hindi sa pag skill, salamat po ng madami
  2. Meron ka po bang screenshot habang suot mo?
  3. is there a way to make this script only works when attacking or when being hit by player but not by monster?
  4. there is a problem when compiling uninitialized local variable 'i' used c4700 line 7714 clif_skill_nodamage( src, bl, skill_id, skill_lv,i );
  5. GGG2020

    Visual 2019

    Hello there. . i want to download visual to recompile my offline server but there is many option and i did not know what to choose Please help me. . thanks
  6. sir @Patskie i hope you don't mind. . can u please tell me where i exactly put this script to make this work??
  7. can someone will make a step by step if how to apply this single strip? wheere ins src ? skill.cpp? battle.cpp? status.cpp? and where line to add?? thanks for the one who can make and i will put reputation on that
  8. can any one help me to solve my problem. . i have seen a lot of script in this forum about single strip fcp bypass consuming 1 glistening coat when the caster is soul link but i dont know how to apply it. . all i can see is code but not tutorial how to apply it please send some images step by step how to do that. . thank you in advance
  9. sorry for being a noob. .i'm a newbie that is why i dont know how to do that. . if you don't mind can u please teach me how to do that one by one? thank you
  10. Hello Rathena. . i downloaded a script called rewardgiver by Sandbox. Credits to Sandbox the purpose of that script is to have an npc for the staff to give specific item to the event winner . the script works fine and good but when i access the npc and test the script my map server show this debug i read the instruction but i dont know where to put it and how. . Please help mo to fix that error. . tia . . god bless all
  11. uhhh works fine. . .thank you so much
  12. Hello everyone! ihave a script here . . but i want to disable command using this script if normal player are in pvp and gvg map, this script works fine but the matter is i need to type all map of all pvp map and gvg map. . can anyone help me to make this script read the whole pvp and gvg map using a few code instead of typing all the pvp and gvg map one by one. . thanks in advace. . have a nice day . .Newbie here . . thank you OnQuest: setarray .Map$[0],"new_1-1","prtg_cas01"; if(strcharinfo(3) == .Map$[0] || strcharinfo(3) == .Map$[1]){ message strcharinfo(0),"This Command cannot be use in this Area!"; end; } warp "prt_in",284,129; end;
  13. hello there. i'm newbie developing ragnarok. i am having fun doin it. . i want to ask you guys a favor. . please give me KOE script and dota announcer with pvp ladder. thanks in advance. god bless u guys :) regards
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