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  1. can any one help me to solve my problem. . i have seen a lot of script in this forum about single strip fcp bypass consuming 1 glistening coat when the caster is soul link but i dont know how to apply it. . all i can see is code but not tutorial how to apply it please send some images step by step how to do that. . thank you in advance
  2. sorry for being a noob. .i'm a newbie that is why i dont know how to do that. . if you don't mind can u please teach me how to do that one by one? thank you
  3. Hello Rathena. . i downloaded a script called rewardgiver by Sandbox. Credits to Sandbox the purpose of that script is to have an npc for the staff to give specific item to the event winner . the script works fine and good but when i access the npc and test the script my map server show this debug i read the instruction but i dont know where to put it and how. . Please help mo to fix that error. . tia . . god bless all
  4. uhhh works fine. . .thank you so much
  5. Hello everyone! ihave a script here . . but i want to disable command using this script if normal player are in pvp and gvg map, this script works fine but the matter is i need to type all map of all pvp map and gvg map. . can anyone help me to make this script read the whole pvp and gvg map using a few code instead of typing all the pvp and gvg map one by one. . thanks in advace. . have a nice day . .Newbie here . . thank you OnQuest: setarray .Map$[0],"new_1-1","prtg_cas01"; if(strcharinfo(3) == .Map$[0] || strcharinfo(3) == .Map$[1]){ message strcharinfo(0),"This Command cannot be use in this Area!"; end; } warp "prt_in",284,129; end;
  6. hello there. i'm newbie developing ragnarok. i am having fun doin it. . i want to ask you guys a favor. . please give me KOE script and dota announcer with pvp ladder. thanks in advance. god bless u guys :) regards