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  1. Saw this in eA: http://eathena.ws/forum/topic/611-logout-after-attack/ I am no expert in source so I was wondering if there was a smart way of implementing this as it is quite useful. Heck, in my opinion there should be an option in battle/player.conf like the one below: Apologies for the topic-ception.
  2. May I request making this an unofficial - optional add-on then? The countdown function is far too convenient to not exist and could be set for X minute refresh intervals for minimum resource cost.
  3. Something like this should do the trick I believe. map,x,y,0 script #GMDoor 45,2,2,{ end; OnTouch: if(!getgroupid()) { donpcevent "Bouncer::OnNotCoolKid"; end; } warp "private_map_here",x,y; end; } map,x,y,d script Bouncer 899,{ end; OnNotCoolKid: npctalk "Stop right there! Cool kids only!"; end; }
  4. Basically all the code between the curly brackets of while(1) are looped infinitively. If we look at the script snippet Euphy posted, you'll just have to add new messages to the [email protected]$ array by adding a new line as shown. Just make sure the last message ends in a semi-colon ( instead of a comma (,). Before: while(1) { setarray [email protected]$[0], "your first message", "your second message", "etc"; announce [email protected]$[rand(getarraysize([email protected]$))],0; sleep 300000; } end; After: while(1) { setarray [email protected]$[0], "your first message", "your second message", "etc", "more etc"; announce [email protected]$[rand(getarraysize([email protected]$))],0; sleep 300000; } end; Notice how the semi-colon needs to move to the end of the last message? Just keep this form and you'll have no problems. --- The sleep <time in milliseconds>; command makes the script execution hold for a designated time in milliseconds. Just to give you an idea of its purpose: if we were to remove the sleep <ms>; command, you'd theoretically have announcements showing up in-game with crazy speeds as there is nothing to delay the endless loop.
  5. Like this? http://pastebin.com/GXQcymEd
  6. I found these in db/pre-re/item_trade.txt and db/re/item_trade.txt You sure they are not these? If not, are they custom? How did you produce them?
  7. Which stat foods exactly..?
  8. Neblim

    Fail Chii Ears

    Quote from rA wiki: and
  9. Any errors in the map server? The code below seems to work fine with a @loadnpc + @reloadscript. prontera,90,200,5 script Freebies 718,{ if( !#Freebies ) { set #Freebies,1; mes "Welcome...this is your gift..."; getitem 1530,1; getitem 2410,1; getitem 2630,2; getitem 14232,50; close; } else { mes "You have claim the Reward already."; close; } OnInit: waitingroom "Freebies Here",0; end; } Use the getitem2 script command. getitem2 <item id>,<amount>,<identify>,<refine>,<attribute>,<card1>,<card2>,<card3>,<card4>{,<account ID>}; For example if you want to give a newbie one +7 Tidal Shoes you add: getitem2 2424,1,1,7,0,0,0,0,0; For giving 50 million zeny add: set Zeny, Zeny + 50000000;
  10. Try this out. Edit: Fixed a small loophole. fastest_typist.txt
  11. http://rathena.org/board/topic/57843-how-to-fix-this/ Use the search function.
  12. Just a small variable typo. Change mes "^FF0000"+.Strings$+"^000000"; into mes "^FF0000"+.String$+"^000000";
  13. Neblim

    Fail Chii Ears

    rA Wiki has all the info you need: Acts OR you can try and just search for the correct Chi Ears .act file. I'm sure it's somewhere out there. Edit: Found this GRF lying around. The .act file(s) you want are in chii.grf
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