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  1. Speaking about the links of mirror servers update, this version not are full udpated
  2. One question, how can update to last versión, for getting 4th job sprittes?
  3. Hi need a Sakray client for connect eAthena Can someone tell me link or something to dodwnload it?
  4. Could you do the same with new maps? From malangdo and Lasagna, that no map works for me.
  5. Hi,I would like a command to put someone in a guild automatically without having the other person option to refuse or accept thanks
  6. museti22


    If I put this post here it is because I've already looked many times and I have not found, and I think this in the right forum section that this is a request
  7. museti22


    Need a compatible client packetdever 22 , not diff executable thx
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