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  1. Did you ever get that MENU to pop up. Mine was still empty even though I tried this Any help would be appreciated.
  2. tddupree7


    A new low-rate renewal server creating an authentic Ragnarok experience. Vanilla game-play with a boost to exp!Rates are 3x/3x/3x Current Episode is 17.1.Come in and play! Get out on the frontiers of Midgard and play the way Ragnarok was meant to be played!-Armor & Weapon Refine Rate 3x!-No Exp Penalty (bonuses remain)-No Drop Penalty-Balanced Cash Shop-No Crazy Donor Gear-Zeny Shop (Cash Shop Items for Zeny!)-Eden Group-Airship Teleporter-No Wipes
  3. I also need to know where to put the files, says to stick them in the cities folder. but what about the other 2 files hanging about with no directions?
  4. Did you ever get an updated mob_db? The Github linked by Amir doesn't include Doram drops and some other updates.
  5. I solved this on my own, there are currently no tutorials on how to enable these maps. I am assuming most of the developers who have had this issue also figured it out on their own. So that doesnt really help the community because their is no data for new devs to solve this issue. So if anyone else runs into this issue, just give message me or reply to this thread. I will create a guide if it is needed if not, good luck.
  6. Alright people hope this is the right spot for this: I understand I am not the only one having trouble getting mobs to load on maps. Currently the following maps are missing monsters: Rockridge Mine1 & 2 Magma Dungeon 3 I followed the pin Rathena Guide Here. Technically im not installing a new map just activating maps that are already in the client, but this helped up to a certain point. Mapcache.exe does not exist in the next folder up as stated in this guide so I couldn't update the mapcache. So I restarted the server and Mag_dun03 not found , and Rockridge Mine still has no mobs? What did I miss? How do I get these mobs to show up, and how do I get mag_dun03 to show up? Hope someone with knowledge of this is out there and can help me out. Thank you in advance.
  7. Seems as if Arealoot is a well kept secret in Athena forums. Hope you had a chance to find it, I am having some difficulties. Maybe need to rewrite it from scratch.
  8. Having the same issue is their a fix, or do people just press cancel and go to the client. It's more of an aesthetic fix for me, as I don't want players annoyed by the pop up.
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