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  1. friendly prize i think ... i'm giving up on this website because the original owner of that website always saying to me !! " oo kunin namin " ...
  2. @Yuki Thank you ^^ @WillSuranol Thank you
  3. @china .. It's okay .. i just share it to know what can i add and change .. it's my fault that i post it here .. @GM Helena Thanks ..
  4. @Yamzkie Yah i know .. i didn't claim it my own .. Read my reply it's a re-design .. ONCE AGAIN I DIDN'T CLAIM IT MY OWN and i didn't know that a Jigx Design and code .. SOMEONE give it to me and they want me to REDSIGN it ... i share it to KNOW what will i add and change .,.
  5. @Yuki Thank you very much for you concern and suggestion ^^ .. i really appreciate it .. at first i didn't know it form jigs GFX .. because the credit is already different .. i want to re arrange it but kinda difficult to me .. because it's my first time to make something like that .. i design a website using HTML code's .. thank you again yuki .. @PapaZola it's not 70% because the nav, upper design and the footer different form mine .. the mid design is the only same in the layout .. and i'm not claiming it mine
  6. yeah it's same i just re-design that ... someone give it to me .. and said if i can re-design it .. i just share it for one reason .. to know what will i add or change .. i'm not claiming it my own work ..
  7. i really like the pink one 10/10
  8. That's a paid Flux Website .. That's why i post it here so i can know what will i change or fix ..
  9. CUTE <3 Can you teach me how did you do that 9/10
  10. i didn't know that this Flux Website is form jigs-gfx . Someone just send it to me ask me to change the design i will put the original Credits if someone will buy it ^^ Reason Selling it : Still no Claiming the flux Selling it for low prize CODE FROM : http://www.jigs-gfx.net/ Rate it if you like
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