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  1. Osus

    @whobuy Error

    you already fixed this? *can you share with us?*
  2. Hello, can you give us full details?
  3. How about Ubuntu 16.04.6? @Functor @Foob
  4. I can't even login to my SQL and also I can't even add MySQL username and password.
  5. yeah my username is localhost. @Serken
  6. I'm having a problem, I can't start my server because of this.
  7. I don't know how to explain but, the screenshot says all. That's all my problem. How to fix this? I'm currently using DigitalOcean Host.
  8. how to make this every 5 minutes?
  9. Osus

    Sniper Mod

    It gives me an error for my source code. can anyone help me?
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