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  1. Someone would know the resolution for the following situations: 1. Gates of Hell being influenced by ranged modifiers, when in fact should not be influenced. 2. WALL OF THORN hold the player inside the effect and not just throw it out. 3. MH_VOLCANIC_ASH When used by the homunc the negative effect also applies to the Geneticist who released it, when in fact it only affects enemies.
  2. Existe uma forma BEM FACIL de ler 2,5,10 item info '-' Seria necessário apenas ler a estrutura do arquivo que entenderia.
  3. Would you like some orange juice too?
  4. Has anyone been able to solve the Emergency Call?
  5. 1. Are the parameter assignments correct in the code? If yes, check hexed / diff if it is compatible with your versioning. 2. Disable gvg or pvp, leaving only one enabled on the guild_vs3 map.
  6. @mharkeke @Easycore Everything is going perfectly, but the only problem is the Urgent Call, not after anyone. I've made several changes but I still can not find the solution.
  7. Isso é simples, é má configuração do SQL ou simplesmente não está ligado, não adianta ligar o serv.bat e não ter conexão com o Banco de Dados. Recomendo usar vertrigo. Se ajudei em algo, Reputa.
  8. @mharkeke Everything is working perfectly, but when I call Urgent Call, not after anyone. PS: I have refaced the diff more than 4 times and analyzed correctly, everything is OK. Is everything working there? Did you use diff? Did you use the number 9?
  9. Posta print do log .. Se não tiver, busca outra mestra de classe do proprio rathena.. Tem varias! Tente usar material do rathena, chance de menos erro etc. Se te ajudei, deixa reputação.
  10. @flea Do the diff again, you missed somewhere you can believe.
  11. When I use the Emergency Call, nothing happens. Anyone know what they can solve?
  12. My bg easycore is perfect, but when I use the Urgent Call, simply not after anyone in the guild. Can you tell me what the problem is? @Easycore
  13. @Easycore It is only at the moment when the recall finishes running, crash map server. Even applying diff 8 updates
  14. I did all the updates, but all the skills are correct, but the Emergency Call is not working, could you give me a brief support pm?